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We just got done! That was the most fun I think I've had in a while on GTA Online!


Racing, riding trains, base jumping, jet hijacking, skydiving from choppers and about anything else you can think of!


Pictures anyone?

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I left early by accident, I only had 1k and that wasn't enough to keep supporting my car being destroyed or taken by cops so I had to do some missions. Unluckily when I was done it put me in a different lobby lol. Mors Mutual straight up ignored me the whole time there.


anyways, here are some pics.








Edited by Xavierr
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That was pretty fun last night guys,


Had to BAN a couple of idiots but other then that everything else went pretty good. Drag racing came out great, did some parachuting, skydiving, stunts, glitches.


I'll probly host another meetup tomorrow or the next day


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Dont forget to show for tonights car meet 1/21/14 TODAY starting at 8:00 - 9:00PM Mountain, beginning around 9-10ish depending on the turn out! Make sure to leave your GT if you havent already, or MSG me on XBL to insure a spot on the list and to be one of the first invited!


This meet will include drag racing in some new areas so make sure to bring your sports car! (others also welcome)



See you then yo,

Edited by RaspyHobo420
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Anybody have an Xbox live 48 hour code? Lol.


Just got on and realized my live account expired today.


I get paid tomorrow so I'm renewing it...

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Right after I took this shot, some idiot (xlance99x) blew up all those cars. Then he ran me over, but I killed his dumbass right before he hit me. lol Please don't invite this fool again. Thanks for the invite Raspy!


Edited by RossCA
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