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Recommended Posts

NEW CAR MEET 3/22/14


Just some basic clownin around?

Trying to get as many people as possible for some-somewhat safe racing, off roading, pic snappin, group huggin, thug sluggin, stunts, blunts, whatever you guys wanna do.


- No Killing e/o
- No Slamming, Destroying e/o Vehicles
- Dont be That GUY

- If you invite friends, make sure you INFORM them of the rules and specials of the day!

Just gimme your GT: to add
Bottom Info Updated usually
It will be fun trust me yo

Because I dont host meets as often anymore, anyone can feel free to post any information regarding their meets on this forum for XBOX users, ASLONG as you dont post during my car meet info being posted (Gets in the way)"


For those who it may concern,


Im Raspy, I host car - meets to to get anyone together who would like to hangout without having to watch their backs. I do my best to keep authority in the sessions but I cant assure you that each meet will be perfect and organized each time, inviting random people to hangout has random occurances. I just host the meets, all of us decide where to go from their. Feel free to give us your ideas during gameplay.


Edited by RaspyHobo420
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Yah its over now but it was dope at first, had a legit amount peeps


Be on again tomorrow night to host another! (Today since its 1:12 AM)

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Alright guys, starting up the next game in 30 minutes! Make sure you leave your GT now or after I post the info.



Tuesday 1/14/14 at 8:00pm

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Yes, just clownin around.


Meeting at the Los Santos Customs geared up with your engines, pisswasser, and smokes. Trying to get as many people as possible for some group racing, drifting, and stunts.




- No Killing e/o


- No Slamming, Destroying e/o Vehicles


- Dont be a that guy



The turnout was good last time, lets keep that up.

I'll be on the forum all night yo





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I'm down for this, been waiting for a decent group to meet up with.


GT - MaxxxMalone




So far looking like a good group of car.





Edited by Maxxxmalone
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id be down again as long as it does not turn into cars getting blown up again.


GT- twisties

Yah sorry about that, was kinda hard to keep track of everyone

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