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Diaz mission


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Can some1 help me on this mission?? i cant seem to make it past the last round (i think) its the one where the guy u had to chase is shooting @ u. my heli always blows up right there.




1 more question, how do u know how much percent u have done?

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% is in the puase menu, under stats...If you need help getting 100%, jus pm me


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1.) Penom Island???  :dontgetit: You mean Phnom Penh (the capital of Cambodia, by the way) 86?


2.) Check your stats?

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i beat it. srry for the misspelling:blush: , my tv settings r messed up so i guessed. i am now trying to steal a tank. ne tips on beating this one?? its the one for the colnel :(  :blush:

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wait til they get to the 24hr cafe place and the driver goes to get donuts. go 2 the door open it and drive away. so simple

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Or you can park a car in front of the convoy, *sprint* to the tank, smash the door off with a bat, and hop in.  But you gotta hurry, because the commander will have one of his men move your vehicle out of the way.  I'm not really sure what to tell ya as far as beating the door in.  I've played the mission twice, the first time I smashed the door off in a few swings, but the second time took about 20 swings and I had to keep running back to my vehicle, blocking the convoy, and running back to the tank.  Very annoying and conusing.

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Jog with 'em till they get to the Donut shop - it's only about fifteen seconds away. After they say get this civilion (sp?) out of here, hop into the tank and simply drive it back.. done. Took me a minute or so.

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