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Bike crew war - your crew up for a bit of rivalry? Xbox

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Small bike crews wanted for rival gang fun. XBOX - Night time, UK (GMT)


I'm in a fairly new MC with currently 7 members.


Just thought while playing with Joe Public earlier that a rival crew would be something different to focus on.


Like I said, small crews as realistically we'd only have 4 or 5 at any one time.


Find me, Nugsyboy or our crew Irish King MC to arrange, or PM me here - please message me your MC name so I know it's not one of those random friend requests.


We're on pretty much every night so if you bring your crew in, find us and we'll get in together.


Ps. Not looking for long term, persistent rivals, just some 'friendly' rivalry.

Edited by 2muchtime

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just sent request on 360

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By the way, we are a sensible & serious crew, we don't ride sports bikes, we wear our colours, we don't abandon eachother. Every night we're out cruising, so....


We're not looking to battle gun happy 14 year olds with tanks etc. In our own deathmatches we use a 'no projected explosives' rule -i.e. no rocket / grenade launchers. We also use free aim.


We're starting to think that we're the only 'proper' MC out there as none of us have seen a crew riding together. By 'proper MC' I mean outlaw MC, not a crew riding sports bikes that rarely meet.


I'd just love to see a rival crew passing by us one night.


If you & your crew wanna meet up in a friendly situation, that's good too. Just let me know.

Edited by 2muchtime

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