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Team Sniper Challenge - The Gauntlet

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I have created a TDM that is a team sniper challenge.


The aim is to run a gauntlet while one team tries to snipe as many players as possible.




1 Only the team on the bridge is allowed to be sniping.

2. Stabbing is NOT allowed unless agreed to beforehand.

3. The 3 teams that start in the 'drain' must all start behind the green containers.

4. The first round starts immediately.

5. Players running the gauntlet get 4min30 sec minutes to run the gauntlet and make it to the safety of the wrecked buses. Once there they wait out the timer until it is a new teams turn to snipe.

6. Players who die must wait out the 4min 30 sec minutes where they spawn

7. At the end of the 4 min 30 sec minutes a new team takes up a position on the bridge. The other players return to the green containers.

8. This continues until each team has had a turn sniping. The team with the highest kills wins.

9. Each team has 30 seconds to get ready for the next round, so that each round starts at 5 minute intervals. There are helicopters for transport.



This is the map






Event will run this time next week. Mics preferred. Intelligence compulsory



1 - EyeMacHunt

2 - Toxic

3 - gdsaqqq

4- AJ

5 - soggyinvert

Edited by EyeMacHunt
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My Intelligence is OVER 9000!!!!


We just need smart people for this, not brain-dead retards who I assume were dropped on their head as a child.

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If you melee kill someone once it's ok. If you keep doing it after you realise no one else is because you don't know what's going on, you're an idiot.


Let's see if we can draw out 16 intelligent players.

Edited by T0X1C
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My name is already down. Fun as hell, but needs cool dudes that know what they're doing. Good stuff putting a topic here, fingers crossed we get a few like minded forumers giving this a shot too.

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