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1. PLEASE HELP  CANT FIND A SABRE DRIVING AROUND ANYWHERE, im doing the auto car dealship list, i cant find the sabre anywhere! im driving for over 2 hours now and still cant find it!

2. What a Malibutsu Thunder ? or something like that ? What is it ?

3. Is there really a f12 or 22 or something ?

4. What does the beach ball kicking give you ? and where is the beach ball ?Does it give you anythingwhen you get a # of kicks with it ? Anything ?

5. Can you really kidnap  hookers and drive them to Kent Pauls office? it was mentioned in some other topic. IF yeah doesit give you something ? !>>>>>please answer <<<<<<<!

Please help guys . im really confused about that stuff, i know you guys are being sacastic about some of it but im really cunfused ! THanks a lot people  :whuh:  :sui:

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1. try looking around the north point mall

2. Probably a vehicle that isn't in the game like the monstrosity

3 no

4 dont think so

5 dont think so

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1) I'm pretty sure the game f*cks you over on your last car, however, I always see the Sabre parked around the side of the Hymen Stadium.


2) It ain't in the game (as far as we know....However, it might be the Knight Rider car)


3) uhhh...wtf?


4) Keepie Uppy Beach Ball don't add sh*t to ur %


5) uhhh...wtf?

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