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{360}Car meetup, with impromptu racing, and cops?

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I want to join car meetups where they set dates weekly. and actually race through impromptu.




I'd prefer not to host one of these since I go back to college literally tomorrow. But if anyone can't find me anything, here would be the details if I hosted.


-Meet every Saturday 10:00 pm ( Eastern Time Zone - UTC 5:00)


- the first meet spot would be in the lot to the right of del perro pier, the second meet spot will be decided in game.


- we'd look for a road to race somewhere in the city


- I want to get the police involved , make it feel like real life. The GTA cops really don't get involved unless you cause a scene.


So I'm thinking we'd could have players play the part by driving police cars ( if they have them) or a white vehicle


~something that differentiates player cop from player racer~






The players cops would just drive around the city, and if they happen to catch us racing they start chasing us.


Since we don't have actual arrests with player cops, the player cops would have to tag the fleeing cars ( as in hit them). That would count as the arrest , and then the player cop and racer will switch cars, and roles.



also, if you're not in the current race, and one of the player cops sees you, if they tag your car you have to switch roles with them ( IRL I noticed that when a cop sees the meetup everyone starts fleeing)


If you're a player cop, it's better that you don't view your map ever. If you automatically know where everyone is already it takes away from the fun.


- you can bring any class of car, but you can only race withing your own class of car. if you wish to switch class you can go to your apartment or garage and switch out. To avoid glitching I recommend that only one player switches at a time.


- if you are in a super car, sports car, or any car of which you know will have no problems fleeing the player cops....then at least please drive either not too fast, or drive like you're drunk to make the game more fair.


- I'm 18, prefer to play with people around my age, but I'm cool with younger kids too.


- I have a mic, prefer not to use it, but I have it. just sayin.






I'm open to any ideas how this can be more organized/better ( especially the player cop vs player racer thing)


I won't be able to get on EVERY Saturday night, so if anyone else would like to host a meet up on Saturday night ( or actually any other day of the week) then I encourage you to do so. I think we can set up a group to make networking a bit easier.




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Im currently about to host one if i can get more players yo

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