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[TxT] help with lowrider race [ANDROID]



Hi there, I play SA on my phone, everything is alright, but I'm stucked by the Caesar mission where you need to race with lowrider car through town. I can't beat them, car is crap, in every turn my car slips and turns in opposite direction. Can anyone give me an advice how to pass this? Love the game, but can't play further without doing this race.


P.S.: on a pc I passed this mission on the very first attempt, but on the phone it's really hard...

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4 answers to this question

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Just keep practicing, this mission is indeed a pain on the phone and took me 2 attempts but I'm so used to the game I can play it in about any platform.


At the start, don't try to go ahead of all the cars or they'll bump into you. Let them go ahead of you at first, when the cars spread out more in the first 20 seconds, only then try to overtake them and you should win the race with ease.

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Maybe it's the car which you are driving. I find the Tahoma (one is parked near Cesar's house) the easiest car to drive for this mission. Unlike other low-riders, this car never spin out of the control.

Anyway, as Shoumic said just keep practising and don't rush during the race.

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lil weasel

1. Don't use a 'hopping car', as they are unstable. Don't use the car you got from Sweet. Try the cars on the street where CV's house is. If they are both 'hoppers' leave the area and comeback to try them, or steal another car.

2. Don't hit any of the competitors.

3. Don't try to be first off the line.

4. Don't hit anything or spinout.

5. Don't stick to the road.

6. Go Pylon to Pylon, bee line it. Across lawns, sidewalks, over curbs, drive on the wrong side of the street when you need, roads are a not important. Pedestrians are not important (Except cops). Learn to 'clip' the Pylons, you don't have to drive through them.

7. If you are kind to the other racers they will let you win. They will crash/spinout.

8. You don't have to drive fast, you need to drive carefully.

9. Use the 'Handbrake' for sharp turns.

10. Raising the POV can increase the speed on the straight away.


11. Never accelerate in a curve.

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Rage Fury

I used the Voodoo that was parked right opposite to the mission marker. It handles well, not the best, but still handles better than the one Sweet gave.

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