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Dr. John

(He)aling (Ba)d

Recommended Posts

Dr. John



Ross Liberty, after completing his highschool lives in Idlewood, Los Santos with his parents. His summer vacation seems to go very ordinary. Both of his parents seem to have no interest in going out in this holiday season. So, they decide to send Ross to his Uncle's house, John Liberty, in Bone County. Ross and his Uncle both work in helping out in his business in "making medicenes and selling then to different patients". They soon go through a lot of adventure in that summer but things go worse near the end as somebody tries to plot a conspiracy over the Liberty family.



1) Ross Liberty - Playable character, 18 years old, lives in Los Santos with his parents Jane and Jack.
2) John Liberty - Playable character, Uncle of Ross, 35 years old, lives in Bone County, works as a pharmacist.
3) Jack Liberty - Dad of Ross, 34 years old, lives in Los Santos, works in LSPD.
4) Jane Liberty - Mom of Ross, 32 years old, lives in Los Santos, works as regular housewife.
5) Billy Reis - Friend of Ross, 17 years old, lives in Los Santos.
6) Michael Bane - Boss of Millchemics Industries, 40 years old, lives in Las Ventures.
7) Helena Roy - Neighbour of John, regular patient, 58 years old.
8) Goons - Men of Michael's company, regular classes, prone to fight.
9) Guards - Hired assassins, high classes, use smart fighting tactics.
10) Matt Raws - Popular star in Las Ventures, regual patient, 31 years old.
11) The Truth - Crazy hipster, Unknown age, Unknown place.


Chapter One - Growth
1) (He)ating (Ba)d

2) (Ca)lling (Ba)d

3) Driv(In)g (Ba)d


1) The mission titles won't follow according to the periodic table or will have any special meaning. It would be only coincidential that something relates.
2) There will be release of each mission and a chapter. At the end of the series, I will put all the episodes in one bunch (in winrar).
3) Click on the episodes to download them and play!
4) Keep this topic spam-free. Thanks!


-DYOM Community: For a wonderful company. Thansk to Dutchy and Patrick for this mod.
-Breaking Bad Series: I took some ideas (Like the idea of show title, etc) from this show. It is a great show.
-Matty and Graven: For all the GFX works.
-You: For playing my mission.

Have fun. ;)

Edited by Dr. John
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The Odyssey

Sweet! Good luck with this.

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DragonWarrior (DnW)

Good luck bro, I'm really waiting for it!

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I might give it a try for the first mission, but I have to finish the chapter 2 of TUB so maybe later :)


Anyway, good luck with this. Could be great if you done things right

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I Love Breaking Bad!

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Dr. John

I have done some editing with the headers and mixed them. Thanks to Graven and Matty for those Headers. They are very good GFX artists. :)


Do give the feedbacks on the mission. I am making the second one right now. It will be uploaded soon too. Problem is, I can't really use this new DYOM well. It's all very complexed up now. :/

Edited by Dr. John

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Dr. John

Just a reminder.


I uploaded the second mission. Please do give feedbacks. :)

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O.G Skletal

Played the second mission (Ca)lling (Ba)d.

I like how you used the actor animations and good grammar. Waiting for more missions.

Good work Dr John!!


Played the First mission (He)ating (Ba)d

Like the second mission, it was fun playing (Vice City girls hahaha), accurate cutscene positions and all. Keep the missions coming!!

Edited by O.G Skletal

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Wow this is really amazing dude!

Keep it up, I like how you made the thread too :3

And the missions are really well made, waiting for more :D

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I played both the missions. They were good. The only thing I would suggest is maybe adding color to the names so it wont be as confusing to read. Anyway, I hope the next missions are as good as this one, I love the story!

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Dr. John

color to the names

Ah, I am sorry but the adding those color functions take up some valuable spaces. I promise to increase the length of the cuscenes so that you all can enjoy it more. ;)


Thanks everyone. I am making the third mission right now. I will soon upload it.


Now, as you have seen, I have used a very unique method of mission designing. Yup, I used the "double protagonist" method. Basically, we will be getting an overview of each day from the two protagonist. That way, the story could get more interesting. :)


Anyways, I would like to ask you guys some questions:


- What do you think of Ross's personality?

- What do you think of John's personality?


As you may have noticed, both the missions had introduced these two protagonists. I also made sure that I exihibit as much characters I could.


Keep the feedbacks coming.

Edited by Dr. John

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Dr. John

Next mission uploaded too.


Advice: Be patient. Let John give you the GPS locations. You must be careful while driving too. Have fun. ;)

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