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Impromptu Racers Wanted! (X360)

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Hi there!


Long time lurker, rare, if not first time poster!



i find it extremely hard to find/start impromptu races with randoms in freemode. it's always Call-of-Battlefield-Mad-Max-Tank Warfare!


I realize the above is part of the game and i realize there's a dedicated "race mode." However, i love the impromptu racing because you can actually take turns faster as there's no pesky sequential checkpoints, simply point a to point b! It reminds me of Midnight Club or the old school Need For Speed games!


Im looking for mature like minded individuals. And please, no kids! Im a competitive racer and we can compromise on car class or upgrades even, if you dont have them all!


P.S. Like everyone else practically, i was given an obscene amount of cash but Im a lvl 120 legit. I try to play for fun and feel the game would benefit more with ppl experimenting with things in the freeroam other than, free for all spawn killing!



EDIT: My GT is same as my member name and im in Central Time Zone. I can be more specific on possible times etc if the topic actually garners interest

Edited by Brynley
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Add me as a friend, GT Ebouc. In life, I am older married guy so kind of guy you look for. Then when you see that I am online,throw me a party request and it will be on. Got stunt jumps to work on too.

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Ty for the reply. Ive added you Ebouc.


Anyone else is more than welcome!



EDIT: I know some ppl have sent xbox msgs w/o replying to the actual topic, which is cool. Just wanted to let you guys know Im avail around 2pm CST and usually call it quits around 7pm CST ( i work mornings). Just send me a msg on xbox to figure out times or reply to this post.



Edited by Brynley
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