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Can you guys give me feedback on my writing


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<link removed>

I think my first entry and second are my best



Bare with me super grammar Nazi's, I haven't written blog since about 2010 when people actually did that on Tumblr. I'm a little rusty at this since I am use to making things fit into 140 characters. I know for a fact about maybe 6 people tops will read this, I hope one day that will change. Then people ask why are you writing if nobody is reading this? Well because I have thoughts in my head I need to get out and this is the only way I know how so they finally leave my brain.
Who am I? Well it depends on who you ask. I am either Brazil or Alex depending on when or where you met me. Think of it like Hannah Montana except I can't sing. I am 21 and I look 16 which is a good thing because really who wants to look old? I am full of contradictions but that's what you get when your entire life of a contradiction full of weird balances. I am not your typical guy at all trust me on this. I like fashion and I didn't even realize I liked fashion till a year out of high school. It's not just wearing the clothes because fashion lets you express who you are without words. An outfit can say a lot about yourself.
Back to the Brazil or Alex thing since I seemed to have totally changed topic. I am thankful for the "Brazil" persona that I was. I think the Brazil persona really sums up who I was in high school and I hate more parts of it then I enjoyed. Brazil was the super cool person but he was also really ignorant, stupid, the only cool thing was the name is a pick up line and whenever I was introduced as Brazil girls would always say one of three things. "oh my god is your name really brazil?" "Oh my god are you Brazilian" "So whats your real name" I only got number 3 like four times. I've gone back to being Alex once I turned 20. Only because I stopped hanging out with the people who would call me Brazil its when your "friends" from high school start fading. Since July of 2006 I've been called Brazil and still am sometimes it will always be a part of me that I will remember. If I never got the name Brazil my high school career would of probably been like one of those movies where nobody would of known me and I wouldn't of been popular. Amazing how one little nickname can change something right?
I think this is it for this first post
Edited by Brazil301
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Mokrie Dela

In accordance to the rules, you're not allowed to make a topic just to link to external website to promote your stuff.

Please post your works here and well check them out


You can link in your signature, but in this section you have to upload your writings.

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Mokrie Dela

No worries man


Please do feel free to post your work here though. If you post it, I see no problem with a small footnote with an optional link to your blog, but creating a topic to link out, isn't allowed


There is no rule against advertising or linking in your sig, however.


check out the rules topic if you want. It's explained in there

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  • 2 weeks later...

I finally signed up for this site after reading this, so that I could comment and say that yes- you are a good blogger. My only gripes with this are the few spelling and grammatical errors (errors make me re-read sentences 4-5x. Personal problem, don't worry about it.), but I wanted more. Keep it going man.

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