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Could someone describe the caddie


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ok i thought i new what the caddie looked like but when it came to finding it for sunshine autos i realized i was wrong.


so please could someone help.

thanx  :die:

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How pathetic, man, im 14 yr old having a laugh on the forums, and you threaten to break my nose, man these are god damn forums, what you gonna do, cyber punch me?


Gimme  A Break



Gazz,  :D

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Gazz Gazz Gazz im 16 and im only joking around with ya theres no reason to get all up tight about it.


now what ya say we make peace.   :sly:

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f*ck off. the caddie is immense! if u roll it it always lands on its wheels man. even if it comes to rest on its roof it will still eventually tip up.


u can also find a caddie more easily in a large hedge near the lighthouse of the SouthEast of the first island. :O  :O  :O

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you saying a 14yr old couldnt beat up a 16yr old?  lol,  i think that could happen in real life....age dont matter.


thats if....the 14yr old kid is a workoutaholic.

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Well, I could beat up a 16year old, but then again I am a KUNG-FU MASTER!!  MWA HA HA HA.....

Ok, I'm a wuss.  *sniff*

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i was just joking with him.

and about bieng beat up by him i dont think that could happen im a black belt in karate.

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