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looking to organize a late evening meet greet and race which will start at 5:15pm EST. Activities will include photo ops ,imprompru races as well as drag races. We will Drive to a Parking Garage and cruise out from there. There are only 3rules

.NO SUPERS!!!!!!!!!
.NO B.S.


leave your tag below



Go See The Official



Edited by MoneyFb09
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22:30 guys i gotta mark the meet up points ill start addin people still drop yall psn

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Add Psn: Braves114fan Hes The Co host I Dont have room for any more friends

everybodys added just accept the FR nd Youll Get the Invite ..... B

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Damn bro you just plagerized my event word for word evem the title. I understand that you want to use the populariry of my post but to 100% copy it word for word is crazy bro.


EVERYONE PEEP THE POST I ORIGINATED. HAS ABOUT 1,000 views. I'll keep it updated for the official []PS3[] **//LATE EVENING CAR SHOW, MEET, GREET AND RACE\\**

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This was fun!

Too bad i couldn't talk but the miss was sleeping in the couch next to me and I didn't want to wake her up.. :-)

Also a little minus for some guys that kept crashing and was a bit annoying but overall it was great!

It was a nice route and nice races altough I wasn't able to join the last "big" impromtu race unfortunately.


Here's some pics I took..



Meeting up outside LSC.



My Elegy and some other guys sweet ride. At the first photoshoot.







Cool pic, unfortunately for this guy. He only got to see the taillights from my Elegy. :lol:





After the races.



Looking forward to next time! :bbq:

Edited by snilsson
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