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Best possible setting for GTA IV (Xbox 360)



I have a 32" Full HD (1080p) TV, and a Xbox 360 Slim (with HDD). I've been replaying "GTA IV" recently (with HDMI-cable, ofc), and I've noticed that the game doesn't run so smoothly at times. Especially when it gets really hectic with much onscreen action, it lags a bit.


I read somewhere that some people prefer to set their Xbox on 720p (instead of 1080p) in "Display Settings". I wonder, what is the best settings for GTA IV? Is it 1080p, 720p, or maybe something else? Is there something I should check on my TV to make sure that all the settings are the best ones possible?


I'd be happy to get some advice, I'm all new to this. (Last time I played "GTA IV" I played with SCART, haha.)

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2 answers to this question

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Your TV says 1080p but really the xbox just processes a 720p image and upscales it (fancy name for stretches it) over a 1080p screen. The settings are mostly a gimmick, it would probabably look just a bit sharper because of the upscaler but still looks nothing like real 1080p.


Sorry but that's how you get to play it for choosing console, there's not much (if anything at all) that you can do to them.

Edited by rikyy

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What does this have to do with the PC version?

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