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Groupie cheat...


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Ok The "Groupie Cheat" or some callings it the "Follow Me Cheat", I've done it...


It Says Cheat-its activated, Yet I gets NO FOLLOW actioning from Nobody? I did the cheat over by the mansion, thinkings that I'd get a group of my Flunkys ta ride around with, and Nothing?


Anybody else have success with this Cheat-its?


:) I Chang



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You on about fanny magnet?


If so, it works, i got a coach, pulled up outside the stadium, got out and did the cheat, i stood on the spot for about 5 mins, in that time, about 10 women crowded round, then when i got back on the coach, they all got on, one by one...




Gazz,  :D

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Hmmm interesting Gazz...


So it works on the Birds, But does it work your henchmen likings the Dudes at your Mansion???


:) I Chang

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