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Ps3 players...?

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Im looking for a few people to play with in free roam, people to do random stuff with ya know? Like ride the bmx bikes around and hit different jumps in the city. Maybe cargobob cars around and drop them on the NPCs or cruise LS in our cars, we could do anything really, im just sick of paying with a bunch of "Randys" in Free Roam all the time. Dont get me wrong, I still drive around the city and cause mayhem for the other players when I feel up for a shootout, but after 3 months of doing so, that got old. Im level 146 and I have all the weapons you can own at the moment so I really have no need for more RP from doing missions and what not. Money isnt an issue for me either. Im looking for older people, seeing as im 21. I dont want to play with pipsqueak kids that cant even legally purchase this game... lol anyways, I wont stay on that topic for fear of being beaten up by all the 12 year old GTA thugs out there... I have a mic and im looking for people that have them as well. (I hate texting in real life, in GTAv its even worse lol) but uh yeah, hit me up with your PSN names if your down...

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Yeah mate add me my PSN is Wurbler

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Im down bruh.

PSN: Steezybeatss

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Im about to add you guys, I was eating Jack Links jerkey and smoking a bowl real quick lol. "Who smokes the blunts, we smoke the blunts!"

My PSN is Guns4Hire586 by the way. Not the same as my forum name. And I just tried turning my mic on and its dead... lol so im gonna let it charge and ill hit you guys up in a little bit.

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My PSN is pajkosinjo

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Add me mate bennydeo87 I'll be on soon

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I'm 29, have a mic. Psn is same as username.

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