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Share Your Xbox Creations

Recommended Posts


My newest Bike or Off road race


Caida Libre



Like Trevor chasing a disabled Shamal, race from the observatory to Grapeseed. It's gonna get bumpy so a Sanchez is recommended.

This map was influenced by the mission Caida Libre in which Trevor chases the crashing Shamal that Michael shot down to get incriminating documents for Martin Madrazo from Javier.


Edited by xInfamousRYANx

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mmm chocolate

This is my first Created Race. I'm happy with it, let me know what you think. The last guy played it with me five times.





Fast city racing through areas of varying difficulty. Tight sections and props for some air time, advanced cornering and not for quitters. Please remove sunglassess when entering tunnel.

Edited by designmafia

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Title: Chasing The Dragon


Game Mode: Land Race

Link: http://rsg.ms/NQ9We0

Description: Start the race in Richman. Finish the race in Chamberlain Hills. Inspired from actual road rally events. With long winding roads. From pavement to dirt. This rally adventure will take you from the city into the mountains. There's even some provided short cuts. Pass your opponent on Route 68. Ride the Dragon's Tail behind Vinewood sign. This is an endurance rally adventure. You'll need a car with great handling to win this race.

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Vinewood Tours Rewind (Xbox Land Race) http://rsg.ms/NHBUZq


Did you miss something on the Vinewood Tour? Here's your chance to see it again as we run the tour bus route in reverse. Without the annoying tour guide!


Follows the Vinewood Tours bus route in reverse. Lap race with zero props and zero jumps. A couple of tight sections but overall easy track to challenge your friends. Lap times are around 1:30. Feedback always welcomed.

Edited by guitarone01

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Game Mode: team deathmatch







Title: L.S. Playboy Mansion


-Girls, Guns, and cash. What more could you ask for? Teams recommended. Bring some antibiotics with you if you plan on going to the grotto...


Big map, took me a while to make it. This is my first creation and I hope people will test it out for me! Please like it on the social club if you enjoy the map!! Definitely worth a try, and teams are definitely the way to go on this big map…anyway please try it out and let me know if you like it, thanks! It's similar to the rich man mansion deathmatch, only better.

Edited by ajdude1

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Combo #5 (Land Race) http://rsg.ms/1gLK6Bo


What do you get when you combine Jumps Jumps Jumps, Criminal Records and Route 68? Something called Combo #5. Its like a playlist without a restroom break.


Three popular races linked together. Slight changes (Ramp alignments, Prop adjustments) made to Jumps Jumps Jumps to make it more playable. Feedback always welcomed.

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I've got 2 of my Cops And Crooks deathmatches here you should check out and more deathmatches will linked on this page soon. Enjoy


Cops And Crooks (Players 6 to 16)

The LSPD has lanched a operation to put a end on the Grove Street gangs. On the crooks side you have to defend your gang and on the cops side you have to wipe out the Grove Street gangs.




Cops And Crooks 2 (Players 6 to 16)

The local sheriff is planing to lanch a operation to put a end on local gangs. On the crooks side you have to defend your gang. On the cops side you have to wipe out the local gangs.



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The followup to Jump Ship has arrived. It's the second episode of Simeon's quest to get into the business of exporting motorcycles. In the first quest, we stole the bikes from the loaded cargo ship and delivered them to the dealership. Simeon was quite pleased with our work and has asked us to go fetch the freshly resprayed and modded bikes from LS Customs, get them back to the docks and loaded on a ship leaving tonight. Might as well try out the new mods on the way, but we should hurry because the ship is leaving soon.


Jump Ship - http://rsg.ms/1grigKG Jump Ship II - Reloaded - http://rsg.ms/1gUsq6L

Both are motorcycle only races - Feedback always welcomed

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deleted by user

Edited by RustyPeppers

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Finally,I've updated my deathmatch..Decreased maximum players to 8,now it has better spawn points. DM Description has changed,you can take a look.More helicopters have been added.I think,it's better now,you may want to try it !!




Type : Deathmatch


Players : 4-8


Forced Weapon : Heavy Sniper







Edited by dedeto

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Tabula Rasa

XBOX 360

Team Deathmatch

Covet Thy Neighbours Wife

Take what is coveted; be wary of the high ground.


Layout inspired by Coveted (Not very original I know); I've never seen anyone use mission layouts before so I thought I'd give it a whirl, enjoy.


Edited by Tabula Rasa

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Type: Race


Link: http://rsg.ms/1h0WSMD


Description: "Through the Hills", a race that carves through the Tongva and Vinewood hills with a series of exceedingly difficult twists and turns. Lots of caution needed to outdo your opponents!

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If you fine folks would like to recieve actual feedback on your creations rather than just blindly wondering if anyone noticed your post please feel free to nominate your Xbox races in the Approved Custom Races thread pinned at the top of this section. Link can be found in my sig if needed. Thanks, and I look forward to your submittals.

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Team Deathmatch


Link: http://rsg.ms/Ok2RTb


Redwood Lights Track


If anyone can test this out and give feedback that would be cool

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GR Choke

Waterworks 4


Bike skill challenge racing across water ramps




Can you complete it in under 2 minutes?

Edited by GR Choke

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Game Mode: Death Match

Link: http://rsg.ms/1hbw38j

Description: Either in teams or all out war, battle it out at Martin's ranch.

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Check out my two maps please!


Rockstar Social Club Name: raymond_calitri

XBox Live Gamertag: CasualMoustache

(accepting any and all friend requests to play and test out your maps as well)










Team Deathmatch


885 played, 527 likes

80% rating


Melee weapons and off road vehicles deathmatch that takes place on top of the Maze Bank arena. Very well balanced: players in cars have a tough time running people over because of the sloped tiers of the roof (almost like king of the hill). And its quite easy to pull people out of vehicles due to getting stuck going uphill. And when theres a lot of foot traffic in the center, its a blast seeing everyone get tossed from an incoming car. This match has provided me tons of laughs and id recommend it even if i hadnt created it. It hilarious chaos. I set the minimum players at 8, but id recommend playing with a full 16 players for best results.










Team Deathmatch


43 played, 28 likes

82% rating


Small scale shooter, 2-8 players, on a sectioned off part of the bridge. Very detailed. Wrecked vehicles make it look like youre fighting your way through a wasteland (keep rain on for the full effect). Well balanced ends, with an additional upper level on one side for flanking.




[i always take great care to ensure quality with creative, innovative, well balanced and most important - fun - maps. Thanks!]

Edited by raymond_calitri

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Need for Speed

Short drag race with some turns and obstacles on the road. Inspired by Need for Speed: Underground 2



Edited by G0nx4

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Game Mode: Point to point land race / Stunts

Link: Stunts in Los Santos.

Description: Stunts in Los Santos, It's not that hard, just be patient and do not give up too quickly.

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