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Share Your Xbox Creations

Recommended Posts


Game Mode: Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch (6 Players)

Link: http://rsg.ms/Lw3lnS

Description: Fight at Devon's mansion and tear his place apart!


Game Mode: Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch (10 Players)

Link: http://rsg.ms/1cEPLE3

Description: Martin Madrazo has angered two major gangs within Los Santos! With a large amount of bad luck, a battle begins right at his house!


Game Mode: Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch (8 Players)

Link: http://rsg.ms/1cEPh0N

Description: Mount Gordo Farm has been abandoned for a few months ever since a shootout between Trevor Phillips and The Lost MC. Left over decay and fortications are still there from that day.


Game Mode: Race - Point to Point (6 Players)

Link: http://rsg.ms/Lw0QC4

Description: First of many off-road tracks. There will be more to come.

Edited by XxInfamousPR0xX

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A couple more. Again, you can #dbastripes or #robz to find everything I've made, and thanks to anyone who tries them.



House Party Massacre



Game Mode: Deathmatch

Players: 1-4

Link: http://rsg.ms/1cHt6ar

Description: Michael's friends are redecorating his home--and they're painting the walls with blood!



Thrust or Bust



Game Mode: Race (Lap)

Players: 1-6

Link: http://rsg.ms/1cHtuWg

Description: Speed and control are the name of the game in this motorcycle lap race that'll have you sliding in and out of the back alleys of Textile City.

Edited by Str1p3s

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I just added almost every race in this thread which do not contain any ramps. Some of them look interesting and my friend and I will be running through a lot of them tonight. Looking to mix it up among the boring Rockstar created/verified tracks.

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Game Mode: Deathmatch / Teamdeath match ( 2 teams )

Name : Fun pistol only

Description: Small map in an open area with multiple vehicles and a few ramps. Just some random stuff but it is fun.

Game Mode: Race

Name : Crazy Race

Description: The race is short and a bit crazy, hard to explain it - just try it out.

Game Mode: Race

Name : Getaway

Description: Race from the bank to the helipad, going through alleys and some sharp turns. This one is all about skill and paying attention to the course.

Edited by cookiemonster79

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I have A lot to list so I will do the first section DM/TDM and the second section Races

Almost all are 16 player! No Dumb Jumps and No straight up fist fights!

Game mode: Death Match and Team Death Match


Red Vs Blue - The bridge http://rsg.ms/1buVfAr
Buzzard Blitz http://rsg.ms/1c09Yd0
Grab the Grenade! http://rsg.ms/1cmocFb
Grab the Shotty http://rsg.ms/1cmoiwq
Crossing Swords http://rsg.ms/1c0a9F3
Project Anarchy http://rsg.ms/1cmoNGV
Pistols at Dawn http://rsg.ms/1cmoZpt
Roof-Top Madness http://rsg.ms/1c5nGFo
World of Tanks: Gta http://rsg.ms/1li4T1T

Game mode: Race


8-Ball http://rsg.ms/1c0aHLh

Slip N Slide http://rsg.ms/1cK1nWy Bicycle

Sea Snake http://rsg.ms/1cmp2l8 Race-Boats

Carmikazee http://rsg.ms/1ceS6eh MUST PLAY!!!

Brown Streak http://rsg.ms/1cfEpfm

Twister http://rsg.ms/1cK0Kfz (I seen a job exactly like this on the forums, sorry.)

Oil Field Baja http://rsg.ms/KEH2vG

Up Crap Creek http://rsg.ms/1cK1xx8 Sea Shark Race

Bottle Neck http://rsg.ms/1cK1CAM

Stuntin' http://rsg.ms/1cK1MbB Airplane Race!!

The Test http://rsg.ms/1cK295N Extreme Bicycle Trail Race


I hope this Is an acceptable format, This would have taken a whole page with pics! Search #smokin on social club to find my ALL of my jobs as I make them quite frequently. Enjoy

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Pure Evil


Game Mode: Race

Link: http://rsg.ms/LFsVXH

Description: Dangerous Route through Raton Canyon...in supercars! Try not to fall.

Edited by Giantsgiants

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Mine are all races

Some are better than others. Some were made before I knew what I was doing. Some people might say I still don't know what I'm doing. Most were made with my friends in mind.


Commute 2: The Worsening



Super Commute



I Wanna Go FAST!



Jumps Cubed



Neighborhood Race



Downtown Track



Race to the Docks



Airport 2 Airport



Hangerer On



Whole Lotta Vans



Laps, Laps, Laps



Morningwood Traffic



Shake & Bake



Mirror Park Lap Race



Dusty Roads



Insane Race



I Wanna Go FASTER!


Edited by Patgosplat

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Game Mode: Deathmatch / Team Deathmatch
Link: http://rsg.ms/1cPbU2H
Description: It seems word got out that the Pacific Standard's security system is down. Now everyone and their grandma is trying to rob the place. Can you fight people off and get your cut of the heist?


If you try it please send feedback to [email protected]

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Sir Michael

Arcadius Getaway.


Game Mode:
Race/GTA Race

Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/FU409BkBPE6ZnNf0z4ek3w?platformId=1

Description: You just hit the Union Depository and are in need of a getaway route. Point-to-point through downtown LS, to the Western Highway.

This is my first race, and I need to go back and edit out a few things. If you guys want something fixed, PM me and I'll go back and edit the track.

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Ok, this does include ramps, but it's supposed to be carnage… ;)


Gate Crasher


Gatecrash the Richman district. Jumps, corners, chaos. And gates.

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Just created my own race in the construction yard in Sandy Shores. Has stunt jumps, and is meant for off-road vehicles, but I allowed some variety. Give it a whack and leave me some feedback please! All feedback can help improve the race!



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Dexter Rattlehead

Team Deathmatches...


"Relive the victory of 1944 in this modern recreation of the Normandy landing. The operation requires each team to infiltrate the other team's base via air or sea. Take to the skies and bring death from above or fight the currents of Mother Nature and sneak up on the enemy, your choice. You are about to embark upon the great crusade, toward which we have striven these many months."




Operation Skyfall

"Where you're going you won't need roads. Take to the skies and infiltrate the enemy's hangar. Descend from the heavens and sneak up their arsenal or wreak havoc in the clouds. The choice is yours."



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Just reached the 100 likes milestone with the below Deathmatch. Thank you all for the support. Keep it up!


I also wrote to Rockstar as well to ask them to test it out and eventually verify it (although I don't quite believe they will promote a Deathmatch with forced Free-aim, they rather go for more "commercial" option).


Check out the new

. This is as Normal deathmatch as it is primarily designed as such. Soon there will be a Team Deathmatch video gameplay as well. Will keep you posted.



Just to let you guys know - a new revision of Xblowsive is out now (rev. 10).




Already played 35 times in the first 24 hours.


Please test it out, and let me know if you have any further suggestions I should consider for next revisions.


Also I will greatly appreciate if you add it to your bookmarks and try it out with your crew couple of times.

In case you like to do that - let me know and in exchange I can test some of your deathmatches with my crew.


In case you are not a fan of free aim and/or grenade launchers - please, just don't play it. I don't want to accumulate any more dislikes from guys who can play only in assisted aiming.


Here is the updated published Deathmatch description:

Dynamic free-aim deathmatch with forced weapon Grenade launcher. Also in the explosive menu: RPGs, grenades, sticky bombs plus an extra - 2 snipers at strange locations. There are various vehicles, a lot of ramps and... Cargobob. Spawn points at the rooftops as well (parachutes equipped).


Revision 10 change log:

- Improved setup of the ramps and obstacles

- Cars are spread around more evenly, each car is now equipped with either grenades or stickies (you can now drive)

- Inside area of the race track can now be accessed with a vehicle (ramps added, both in/out)

- More spawn points added to create higher variety in the gameplay

- Combat pistol removed, instead 1 more sniper was added on this spot - one of the short buildings of the middle (can be accessed via Cargobob or if you park one of the vehicles close to the building and step on it)

- Casino sniper location adjusted to balance (reduce) possibility for camping (reduced spawn probability there + added obstacles and explosive gas tanks to prevent campers sitting for too long). Parachute is still not available on the Casino , this was don on purpose

- Also limited camping at the other rooftops (more spawn locations there, limited ammo availability, and all rooftops are connected between eachother), in case you stay for too long sooner or later somebody will melee kill you from the back

- New vehicles added - e.g. Police Riot Van





Mode: Deathmatch (3-16 Players)


Platform: Xbox 360


Link: http://rsg.ms/1cymj8g



Very dynamic deathmatch with forced weapon Grenade launcher, but you can find other explosives as RPG, grenades plus some Easter eggs as sniper and pistol. There are various vehicles and a lot of ramps. Spawn points at the rooftops as well. This is the 9th revision. Enjoy!


Additional Notes:

I working hard to promote this Deathmatch, not only because I created it, but I see people are having fun playing it, that's why I don't focus on creating other things, I only work on this single match to update it continuously according to players' feedback. Caution!: the players who like to use assisted aiming and cannot handle the grenade launcher will definitely hate this deathmatch. The only weapons available are Grenade launcher, RPG, Sniper (only 1) & Combat pistol (only 1), you can utilize assisted aiming only with the pistol.

Balance of the deathmatch - I played a lot of custom deathmatches and for me the major success/fun factor is the "balance" of things. For example, yes there is a sniper in this deathmatch. The way that I balanced this is that you have only 1 sniper, at one spawn location, so you have limited bullets. In case you decide to camp on the Casino where the sniper is spawing, then the other players will get you pretty soon by shooting grenades there, you cannot hide or parachute from that spot.

Another example - there are spawn points on the other roofs, but you cannot stay there for too long because there is no ammo there, only a parachute and 1 RPG spawn point (2 rockets each spawn). This is how camping is balanced.

Another important factor for a good deathmatch is the variety/creativity in the approach to win. I played this deathmatch a lot of times, and almost everytime it is different. Once, I used mainly the cars to go around and run people down and throw grenades while on the move. Sometimes I approach it by simply staying in the horse track run around and use the grenade launcher. Another approach I used is to stay in the middle of the map, and shoot from cover with the pistol/grenade launcher.


Enough chit-chat - go ahead and try it!


Edited by PlamenVT

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The pictures double as links, and also show the race type. Otherwise I admit the format is...uhh...off :/
Thanks to GW for this topic :^:




9l29.pngGTA race in and around the Military Base

jpw4.pngFast paced race around the power plant

fe7o.pngHigh octane motorcycle race in the graveyard


Downhill Challenges

nruz.pngRace down "Old Man's Crack" trail on a motorcycle, if you can...

u2b6.pngRace down Blueberry Hill, try to make it in one piece....


Motorcycle Trials


Various trial races that will test your motorcycle riding skills




6ffm.pngA unique Melee deathmatch

mt6w.pngWWII style tank battle
wkut.pngTeam 1 attempts to raid the campus while Team 2 defends
tbi5.png Deathmatch in a construction development in Paleto Bay


Novelty Races


bdft.png A very silly lawnmower race

Edited by Big_Mitch_Baker

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I have so many tracks it is easier to just list the playlists...partake if you feel like it. Not really concerned with the votes.

Luap's Special Olympics - My set of Utility vehicle races.

Editing tracks

Red Rum Racing Presents... - A selection of some of the best that RRR members have created.
Edited by LuapYllier

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Posting my best race - 86 likes out of 105 plays at time of posting. It's a good track to time-trial solo but ideal with about 8 vehicles. 16 cars is manic but the GTA Race mode is crazy! Course target time is 4 minutes but 3:30 is a great time. :)


The Mirror Park Rally



Game Mode: Race (Point to Point but with two looping circuits)

Players: 1-16

Link: http://rsg.ms/KxhTT2

Description: Screeching from the tarmac of the casino car park, a road race through Mirror Park's distinctive suburban streets, culminating in an exciting two-lap sprint at the Vinewood racetrack. A unique double-loop, point to point, land race around East Vinewood that thins out the field before a breakneck finale.

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Hey All


Im not one for using the content creator much but I made this deathmatch which people have been enjoying playing.


Golf Club Brawl


Grab your clubs, it's clobbering time!






Feel free to check it out and comment with any improvements I can add


Thank you all :)

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2 to 10



1 to 2



Beat eachother down at Rex's Diner



Ron Alternates Wind Farm



Bats, crowbars, nightsticks, 1 knife





Please check it out!

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Race-Head on!

Small lap race with a big chance of head on collisions between racers



Race-Downhill domination

BMX race to the bottom of mt Chiliad. Make your own path down.


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Guys, I see a lot new cool jobs being posted. We need to get organized in getting them tested and played by more people.


In that regard - we still have some free spots for Creator XBOX Event (both DM/Races) which will be held this Sunday (26th Jan) at 12:00 PST.


If you have cool jobs you want to be played by full lobby, or you just want to participate as "tester" - sign up here http://gtaforums.com/topic/676943-xbox-creators-playlist-event/page-1

Edited by PlamenVT

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A few of my creations:


On a String


Lap race


2-10 players around the tight turns of Sandy Shores




Bunny Boilers




4-16 players fight it out in the 'playboy' mansion




A Forest




4-12 players in the woods hunting each other with sniper rifles only




Raging Horn




2-8 players at very close range inside the Vanilla Unicorn.




and finally...


Tatavium Tour


Point to Point Race


1-16 players scale and descent the twisted dusty roads over the Tatavium mountain range.


Any feedback on these, or any other of my creations is always appreciated.

Edited by MavisCruet

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Might as well post mine up now I've done a few:




Race: Vinewood Run


Link: http://rsg.ms/1eSH7pS


Description: North East Los Santos to Sandy Shores Airfield, the long way round. Push your ride to the limit in this point-to-point around Vinewood Hills and down Route 68, and get ready for takeoff.



Name: Eastbound and Round


Link: http://rsg.ms/Mc1gxQ


Description: Up to 16 racers converge for a lap race around El Burro Heights, mixing up long freeway straights and twisting mountain roads. Vamos!



Name: SA Rally: Zancudo Stage


Link: http://rsg.ms/Mc299B


Description: Hello, and welcome to Fort Zancudo for this stage of the San Andreas Rally Championship. Today's race is sure to test driver and machine to the limit from start to finish; racers begin with a perilous offroad hill climb, followed by an equally dangerous descent down to the edge of the Senora Desert. We then hit the asphalt for a high speed chase sweeping back over the mountain down to Fort Zancudo, finishing at the gates.



Name: Alamo Rider


LInk: http://rsg.ms/Mc2wB8


Description: A leisurely lope from the east coast around the Alamo Sea. All terrain point to point for motorcycles.





Name: Horsin' Around


Link: http://rsg.ms/Mc53et


Description: Aaaannd they're off! Runners and riders at the ready for a tear around Vinewood Racetrack, but beware as these broncos bite.



Name: Sun Factor 187


Link: http://rsg.ms/Mc5rcO


Description: Forget what the film says, the safest place today is in the water as up to 16 racers turn the beach into a bloodbowl.



Name: Road Rash: San Andreas


Link: http://rsg.ms/Mc6j1l


Description: In this homage to an old classic, up to 16 riders take a violent road trip south, on the wrong side of the law and the road.





Name: Breakout Bridge


Link: http://rsg.ms/Mc6GJg


Description: Hello, friend. An old acquaintance of mine has recently been liberated from his wrongful incarceration as a result of an entirely coincidental traffic accident on the bridge south of Paleto. However it seems that some evidence falsely implicating yours truly has been planted there. Go to the bridge, destroy the prison van and deal with any rival team who may have been hired to do the same thing.



Hope you enjoy playing them as much as I did making 'em!

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My first Team Deathmatch attempt - nothing fancy, just two sides going to war... two penthouse communities that is... over a poop in the swimming pool (best reason for a war I could come up with).


The War of HMS Sweetcorn




Link: http://rsg.ms/1eT2VSh

Description: Awaking after last nights pool party you draw back the curtains to find a giant, sweetcorn laden, floater navigating the length of the communal pool. The culprits must be those swines from the neighbouring penthouse... no one eats as much corn as them! This means war!


Feedback welcome as always.

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Massive Roy

Game mode: Deathmatch


Description: Cast Away... Stranded on a remote island off the east coast, Cast Away is a Fast paced, no where to hide death match thats gonna get real messy, real quick!


Link: http://rsg.ms/1eU0qit

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Quick joined into a lobby of this the day of or the day after the Content Creator came out. Still probably one of the most fun user created deathmatches I've played to date.


It's a grenade launcher only fight inside the Playboy Mansion parody's backyard. The trick is to try and get in the pool, so that people will need to hit you directly in order to kill you(water absorbs all splash damage.)



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