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GTAForums does NOT endorse or allow any kind of GTA Online modding, mod menus, tools or account selling/hacking. Do NOT post them here or advertise them, as per the forum rules.

Share Your Xbox Creations


Recommended Posts



Platform : XBOX360

Description : Sniper Rifle Wars At The Top of The Skyscrapers

Type: Deathmatch - Team Deathmatch (3 Teams)

Players : 4-10

Link: http://rsg.ms/1cKpYKD


You can use parachutes and helicopters to move.






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Reposting some of my best and adding some new tracks (Xbox 360 Only):


Mission: Run to the Hills
Type: Race
Players: 1-12
Description: Take to hills of the Grand Senora Desert and Harmony in this mostly off-road race. Watch out for the hairpin turns on the way to the finish line.
Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/DnSzNF1HQU2ni_fXnOelew?platformId=1


Mission: Rise From Your Grave
Type: Race
Players: 1-16
Description: This point to point for land vehicles takes you from the graveyard in Morningwood through the hills of the Tongva Valley and ends at the Sandy Shores Airfield. Breaking skills will help navigate the winding course. Bad breaking will leave you buried behind your competitors.
Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/qYSXV1UPvUaCNHSluzWrpw?platformId=1



Mission: Can't A-Ford To Lose
Type: Race
Players: 1-16
Description: A SANDKING XL IS REQUIRED for this challenging off-road race from the shore through the Tongva Hills and back. You'll ford the river at several spots on your way to the finish line.
Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/H6Z6QiI3-EScwcQtOVgIBA?platformId=1




Mission: Round the Lake
Type: Race
Players: 1-16
Description: A motorbike race around the lake in Vinewood Hills. Space and turns get tight on inner circuit before the finish line. Best as standard but supports GTA as well.
Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/XgT44YzWDk2EjbpFNwC3_w?platformId=1


Mission: Creeky Deeky Canyon Run
Type: Race
Players: 1-10
Description: Race out through the Raton Canyon and back along the Cassidy Creek Trail in this off-road lap race. Narrow lanes and sharp turns will leave those that lose control taking a fall or a swim.
Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/HpsWvCckF0Gn53pWwYTHmw?platformId=1


Mission: Farm Fresh
Type: Race
Players: 1-16
Description: This dirtbike lap race takes you from the La Fuente Blanca farm to the Redwood Lights track and back. This track features both on and off-road sections.
Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/a4TNNV1aMUGHW2oE6aHRjQ?platformId=1


Mission: Alamo to Ocean
Type: Race
Players: 1-16
Description: This mostly off-road, winding point to point takes you from the Alamo Sea to the Pacific Ocean. Best as a standard race but weapons are in for GTA Race.
Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/QGI7DQpgrUigOPONX4Eq8Q?platformId=1


Mission: Staying on Track
Type: Race
Players: 1-16
Description: This motorbike lap race takes you from Elysian Island through Cypress flats and back. Master the tricky turns on to and off of the tracks to pull away from the competition.
Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/AM8VUhAeJ0uF8oWAv6Td9w?platformId=1

Edited by B3astGTS
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Link - http://rsg.ms/1c6nrKs

Description - This is the popular "Down the Drain" race with jumps added. Also, unlike Down the Drain the route is not straight down on one side and straight back on the other. The route crosses back and forth via the jumps which are placed so you jump over the water. Whats cool about this is there is the potential for two ppl to crash mid jump when crossing paths. :devil:


Link - http://rsg.ms/1c6nDcJ

Description - Basically you race to 3 different garages, spiral up to the top and jump off. This one was very tricky to make. I put props where needed to try and guide ppl in the right direction so I hope its not confusing. Sometimes when spiraling up the garages it'll say you're going the wrong way but you arent. Its just that you're repeatedly going in the opposite direction of the checkpoint when spiraling to the top so if you spend too much time in the opposite direction you'll get that message. Its gonna be hard at 1st but its a very cool race to do IMO once you learn it.


Link - http://rsg.ms/1c6noyv

Description - This one is a nice highway race with nice curves and sharp hairpin turns. You take multiple exits until you end up where you started. No jumps or anything special.


Link - http://rsg.ms/1cfFDS4

Description - This is probably my favorite. Basically, its lap a race with a bunch of looping turns great for drifting and a route that intersects many times. Don't worry though. I added small jumps so one path of the intersections jump over the other so there are no wrecks. The route ends with a hairpin turn as you're leaving the docks that leads to a big jump onto the ramp that enters the docks.


Link - http://rsg.ms/1cfFKwY

Description - Basically its the Commute the 1st half of the race then you take an exit, make a turn and come back.



Deathmatches (fist fights only)


Link - http://rsg.ms/1c6YdvG

Description - You fight inside the octagon. The rules are 2 ppl enter and everyone else watches. Once someone is knocked out whoever is next jumps in and takes on the winner.


Link - http://rsg.ms/1c6Yz5u

Description - You fight inside the fenced area in front of the house. Again, the rules are 2 ppl enter and everyone else watches. Once someone is knocked out whoever is next jumps in and takes on the winner.



Edited by BumpyJohnson
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There is also a video of the Xblowsive Deathmatch

, although on earlier revision of the deathmatch (still on draft).


On this occasion it was played without the Forced weapon option (meaning all weapons were available), but soon we will make a new video showing the DM with Grenade launcher enforced (the way it's meant to be played).


Take a look if you're interested. I am hosting it most of the time. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to host it with 12 people - that was awesome. Real bloodbath, explosions all over the place, very dynamic and some very funny frags! We did couple of Team DM, also works quite well, although this is designed mainly for Normal DM.


Just to let you guys know - a new revision of Xblowsive is out now (rev. 10).




Already played 35 times in the first 24 hours.


Please test it out, and let me know if you have any further suggestions I should consider for next revisions.


Also I will greatly appreciate if you add it to your bookmarks and try it out with your crew couple of times.

In case you like to do that - let me know and in exchange I can test some of your deathmatches with my crew.


In case you are not a fan of free aim and/or grenade launchers - please, just don't play it. I don't want to accumulate any more dislikes from guys who can play only in assisted aiming.


Here is the updated published Deathmatch description:

Dynamic free-aim deathmatch with forced weapon Grenade launcher. Also in the explosive menu: RPGs, grenades, sticky bombs plus an extra - 2 snipers at strange locations. There are various vehicles, a lot of ramps and... Cargobob. Spawn points at the rooftops as well (parachutes equipped).


Revision 10 change log:

- Improved setup of the ramps and obstacles

- Cars are spread around more evenly, each car is now equipped with either grenades or stickies (you can now drive)

- Inside area of the race track can now be accessed with a vehicle (ramps added, both in/out)

- More spawn points added to create higher variety in the gameplay

- Combat pistol removed, instead 1 more sniper was added on this spot - one of the short buildings of the middle (can be accessed via Cargobob or if you park one of the vehicles close to the building and step on it)

- Casino sniper location adjusted to balance (reduce) possibility for camping (reduced spawn probability there + added obstacles and explosive gas tanks to prevent campers sitting for too long). Parachute is still not available on the Casino , this was don on purpose

- Also limited camping at the other rooftops (more spawn locations there, limited ammo availability, and all rooftops are connected between eachother), in case you stay for too long sooner or later somebody will melee kill you from the back

- New vehicles added - e.g. Police Riot Van





Mode: Deathmatch (3-16 Players)


Platform: Xbox 360


Link: http://rsg.ms/1cymj8g



Very dynamic deathmatch with forced weapon Grenade launcher, but you can find other explosives as RPG, grenades plus some Easter eggs as sniper and pistol. There are various vehicles and a lot of ramps. Spawn points at the rooftops as well. This is the 9th revision. Enjoy!


Additional Notes:

I working hard to promote this Deathmatch, not only because I created it, but I see people are having fun playing it, that's why I don't focus on creating other things, I only work on this single match to update it continuously according to players' feedback. Caution!: the players who like to use assisted aiming and cannot handle the grenade launcher will definitely hate this deathmatch. The only weapons available are Grenade launcher, RPG, Sniper (only 1) & Combat pistol (only 1), you can utilize assisted aiming only with the pistol.

Balance of the deathmatch - I played a lot of custom deathmatches and for me the major success/fun factor is the "balance" of things. For example, yes there is a sniper in this deathmatch. The way that I balanced this is that you have only 1 sniper, at one spawn location, so you have limited bullets. In case you decide to camp on the Casino where the sniper is spawing, then the other players will get you pretty soon by shooting grenades there, you cannot hide or parachute from that spot.

Another example - there are spawn points on the other roofs, but you cannot stay there for too long because there is no ammo there, only a parachute and 1 RPG spawn point (2 rockets each spawn). This is how camping is balanced.

Another important factor for a good deathmatch is the variety/creativity in the approach to win. I played this deathmatch a lot of times, and almost everytime it is different. Once, I used mainly the cars to go around and run people down and throw grenades while on the move. Sometimes I approach it by simply staying in the horse track run around and use the grenade launcher. Another approach I used is to stay in the middle of the map, and shoot from cover with the pistol/grenade launcher.


Enough chit-chat - go ahead and try it!


Edited by PlamenVT
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Game Mode: Race (2 to 8 players)

Link: http://rsg.ms/1cgthZS

Description: A race with jump and lots of unexpected moments. it's my 1st try at trying to make an race, lmk what you guys think? avg lap time: 2:40. not for bikes

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It's been awhile since I've been on here, but I wanted to share a couple of things that I've made. You can also search #dbastripes or #robz for them. Hoping for some feedback and thanks in advance to anyone who tries them out!



Step on the Gas! (Remix)



Game Mode: Race (Lap)

Players: 1-6

Link: http://rsg.ms/L4G4Jo

Description: Make some noise down at the fuel depots in southern Los Santos. Just don't let the fumes screw you up.



Hazzards of Grapevine



Game Mode: Race (Lap)

Players: 1-4

Link: http://rsg.ms/L4KBf3

Description: Straighten the curves and flatten the hills in this race out at O'Neil's Ranch in Blaine County. Yee-haw!

Edited by Str1p3s
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Military Mahem !!





Battlefield series inspired TDM





Team DM




4-16_ players



Starts off with an epic vehicle clash and then ends with the players fighting between the wreckage



Military Mahem !! http://rsg.ms/L4DbZh

Edited by paulmgrath
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Dragstars of Zancudo



Gamemode: 2 player drag race, normal and GTA mode available

Link: http://rsg.ms/1cjuf7U

Description: 0.64 mile drag race near Fort Zancudo. Long after the P-996 Lazer jets are parked in the hangars and when the bar closes the base staff heads for the barracks. The pilots however take it to the street to fight it out on the ground. Strangely enough new recruits often turn up wearing wigs and dresses... (WARNING: 2 players max, 3rd player is boxed in) (Also, try GTA mode)

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Made a new deathmatch in Grapeseed, would like some people to test it out.


It's optimised for 4+ people.


Mainly just pistol/shotgun/smg's to make it more fun since it's a cool map to run around in.



Farming Kills


Yeah the name might be confusing like it sounds like you're farming FOR kills but no it means farming is deadly.


Anyways, anyone want to play this with me or test it yourselves, I'd appreciate it.




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Sounds interesting. I will try it with my crew. Or add me in XBL and we can play it together sometime (I am in GTAO daily for couple of hours). Gamertag: PlamenVT



Made a new deathmatch in Grapeseed, would like some people to test it out.

It's optimised for 4+ people.

Mainly just pistol/shotgun/smg's to make it more fun since it's a cool map to run around in.

Farming Kills

Yeah the name might be confusing like it sounds like you're farming FOR kills but no it means farming is deadly.
Anyways, anyone want to play this with me or test it yourselves, I'd appreciate it.


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Bridge Of Terror!


If you could play this Race and thumb it up i would really appreciate it! :)


Game Mode: Race


Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/vD3T9VlVtEuawwr5FcFEnw?platformId=1


Description: A short, challenging and fun creation. Race along the highway avoiding challenging obsticles. Once you reach the Bridge Of Terror, will you be able to survive the death defying jump on the bridge? Enjoy!



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The Scenic Route!


Game Mode: Land Race


Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/CaptStanners/games/gtav/jobs/job/V5DcKtGsH0aF17VaFtdBkw?platformId=


Description: A very scenic race. It's 6+ miles long. You start out on the freeway on the west coast of the map, eventually you end up in the construction tunnels/sewers, before you know it you're out of the underground and are making your way up a steep mountain only to end up back on the freeway on the east coast of the map. Like I said, scenic...

Edited by MrJaffaJugs
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Above Omnipotence

The 2 races are: "Omnipotence Highway" and "Omnipotence Laps". The tracks are not too crazy, kinda a smooth ride for at least the average player to play. I'm just now waiting for Rockstar to verify them and I would like for you all to check them out and tell me what you all think. The "Omnipotence Highway" is in Vinewood Hills and "Omnipotence Laps" is in Grand Senora Desert. 1 last thing, the tags are the same as the race/track names with no spaces. My GT is: AboveOmnipotent


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FCR Zac Sonic

Wow, I don't know what happened to my post up above, but that's nothing like it looked like when I made it.. > :(


Oh, and now its different colors. WTF??

Edited by FCR Zac Sonic
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FCR Zac Sonic

Grand Prix Races (Tarmac Circuit Races):
Circuit races located on wide streets, feature long straights and various corners with lots of 'barriers'. Tried to lay them out like a real grand prix ie. chicanes over rail road tracks.

Name: Grand Prix of San Andreas
Link: http://rsg.ms/1cAcgtX
Description: Layout of the 2014 Grand Prix of San Andreas
Creator: ZacSonic
Based on the mid-90's Long Beach Grand Prix

Name: San Andreas Grand Prix
Link: http://rsg.ms/1cAdnd1
Description: Old layout of the Grand Prix of San Andreas
Creator: ZacSonic
Alternate layout based on the mid-90's Long Beach Grand Prix

Name: Los Santos MBA Grand Prix
Link: http://rsg.ms/1cAe2LH
Description: Fast street race utilizing the wide streets around the Maze Bank Arena.
Creator: ZacSonic

Name: Vespucci Beach Grand Prix
Link: http://rsg.ms/1cAf4qS
Description: Narrow high speed straightaways, tight corners and sudden elevation changes define this challenging street course along Vespucci Beach.
Creator: ZacSonic

Short Courses:

Name: GO 63
Link: http://rsg.ms/1cAiuKb
Description: Race around the top of the Vinewood Hills and terrorize employees and visitors alike of the Galileo Observatory!
Creator: ZacSonic

Name: GO 65
Link: http://rsg.ms/1cAiPfZ
Description: Following up GO 63, GO 65 gives you another chance to terrorize the innocent employees, and visitors, of the Galileo Observatory! Inspired, in part, by KingmanWV.
Creator: ZacSonic

Name: GO 69
Link: http://rsg.ms/1cAj2jb
Description: GO 69 picks up where it's predecessors, GO 63 and GO 65, left off. Terrorize the employees, and visitors alike, for a third and final time.
Creator: ZacSonic

Name: Golfers Paradise
Link: http://rsg.ms/LpJTcl
Description: Laps around the golf club carpark.
Creator: KingManWV

Name: Hotel Square
Link: http://rsg.ms/LpDYnK
Description: Give visitors a great view. Race around two of the most prestigious hotels in Los Santos in this simple street race.
Creator: ZacSonic

Name: Hotel Square Reverse
Link: http://rsg.ms/LpEF0p
Description: Give Los Santos visitors a great view... again. Race around two of the most prestigious hotels in Los Santos in this reverse layout of a simple street race.
Creator: ZacSonic

Name: Industrial Rally
Link: http://rsg.ms/LpKTNO
Description: Laps around an Industrial Site on an unforgiving road surface.
Creator: KingManWV

Name: Lakeside Rally
Link: http://rsg.ms/LpK87t
Description: Laps around a lake with tight, twisting roads.
Creator: KingManWV

Name: Spaghetti Junction
Link: http://rsg.ms/LpLu1N
Description: Laps around a junction in Los Santos.
Creator: KingManWV

Link: http://rsg.ms/LpFtlY
Description: A fast and simple rallycross above the Vinewood Sign. Watchout for the tight left at the bottom of the hill and the trees on the right as you climb back to the VINEWOOD sign! Please leave comments and like if you enjoyed!
Creator: ZacSonic

Rally Tracks (Off Road P2P):

Name: Chilliad MSW Hill Climb
Link: http://rsg.ms/1czTvXv
Description: Hill climb through the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness.
Creator: ZacSonic
One of my first races. It is a very tough rally race, showcasing some of the most difficult roads in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness.

Name: Rally Mt. Josiah
Link: http://rsg.ms/1cAgaTw
Description: Race over Mt. Josiah, through the Raton Pass and down along Cassidy Creek.
Creator: ZacSonic

Name: Rally Ratton Valley1
Link: http://rsg.ms/1cAhd5P
Description: Rally through the north Raton Valley. Beware of blind crests and rough terrain inside corners that can throw you off the cliff. I tried to mark dangerous rocks exceptionally close to the road with tire barriers. Enjoy!
Creator: ZacSonic

Name: Ratton Valley Rally
Link: http://rsg.ms/1cAhd5P
Description: Rally style stage through the Raton Canyon along the Cassidy Creek.
Creator: ZacSonic

Random P2P:

Name: Chumash to Sisyphus
Link: http://rsg.ms/LpGSsw
Description: The boys of Chumash race, with their dates, to the Sisyphus Theatre on Friday nights only to discover that the race is better then most of the cheap plays that are not good enough for the Vinewood Bowl.
Creator: ZacSonic

Freeway Races:

Name: King Los Santos
Link: http://rsg.ms/LpI1R0
Description: Circle Los Santos and settle, once and for all, who is the best driver in the city.
Creator: ZacSonic

Name: King San Andreas
Link: http://rsg.ms/LpIouV
Description: Race around the entire state of San Andreas and find out who the ultimate King realy is!
Creator: ZacSonic

Name: Olympic Sized
Link: http://rsg.ms/LpIEtQ
Description: Circle Downtown in this flat out freeway loop in which wide freways give way to narrow exit ramps.
Creator: ZacSonic


[R*] ZacSonic - GT: FCR Zac Sonic
[R*] StevaarnKingaay - GT: KingManWV

Casualties Offroad [C4WD]
The Mary Hinges [HUNG]

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Game Mode: Deathmatch / Teamdeath match ( 2 teams )

Name : King of the Ring

Plays: Currently at 159 plays and I have not advertised it on any website so that is just from people bookmarking it after playing.


Fist only (no weapons at all) deathmatch / team deathmatch. In single player, you may remember the location that the guys trip out and see clowns or aliens. That is basically the middle where everyone should fight. If you don't remember it, it is a nice round area that is like a ring (hence the name).

I setup barriers to keep everyone focused and not running around too far. It is fun as free for all, or as two teams. Great way to build up your strength, have fun punching, and make some $ / RP at the same time. Doesn't take any special directions and everyone seems to enjoy it and most reply over and over. I do 5 minute games to let people leave if they want.

Feel free to send me a message with suggestions, and please "Like" this post if you do try it.

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I created 10 BMX (bike) races. I tried to stick to a model that they should be within specific locations rather than long sprawling races across the city / countryside. As a result they weave back and forth and generally cross over multiple times which works quite well when there are a few people racing. Due to the jumps / obstacles etc they can take some mastering but the more you play the more tricks and shortcuts you'll uncover. I've given each a difficulty rating out of 5 and provided some notes after the description to try and explain the difficult parts. Hopefully, as you learn the courses, you can start to attempt more tricks! Feedback more than welcome.
P.s. There is a traffic cone 'hidden' in each course, see if you can find them all.
Name: BMX Galileo Observatory
Description: Where better to observe a fast paced, obstacle riddled BMX race than the Galileo Observatory!? So stop playing with your telescope and saddle up! The BMX is a must!
- This one is fairly easy. Some tight turns. Near the end only attempt the dumpster jump if lined up at speed, it needs a perfect jump, otherwise jump through the carriage using the door behind the dumpster (or try and knock the fence down on the left of the carriage by the monument and go around). If you fall off the crates and respawn - veering to the left usually has more success getting on top of them again.
Creator: Haggini
Diffculty: 2/5
Name: BMX Los Santos Library
Description: A BMX course both in and around the Los Santos City Library. Terrorise the bookworms of Los Santos as you tear through the library silence negotiating obstacles and jumps. A BMX is a must!
- My first course. Follow the signs. Go up the stairs. Then drop down off the dumpster. Bunny hop both times through the library.
Creator: Haggini
Diffculty: 4/5
Name: BMX Grand Banks Steel Inc
Description: Steel. A metal so strong they named a superhero after it. So where better to flex those BMX muscles than the long derelict Grand Banks Steel Inc, filled with obstacles and rusty, sharp, scrap metal. Hope you've had your jabs. BMX and helmet advised.
- nice set of obstacles through out the railyard. Watch out for the two jump options near the end, the first is tempting but it is harder than the second which doesn't need a bunny hop.
Creator: Haggini
Diffculty: 3/5





Name: BMX Maze Bank
Description: Dirty bankers, with their excessive bonuses and government bailouts. Fear not, now is the time for revenge... BMX racing revenge. Lay siege to the Maze bank money bandits as you speed around the grounds on your steel horse performing bunny hops, jumps and, most probably, epic face planting.
- Only real thing to note is to bunny hop the obstacles (especially around the fountain). Watch out for the very first left turn - all too easy to plough straight in to the barrier.
Creator: Haggini
Diffculty: 2/5
Name: BMX Shady Tree Farm
Description: I've got a brand new combine 'arvester. Not at Shady Tree farm they don't. Times are hard, no one's buying horse meat anymore, and sadly the place is for sale. So why not cheer them up with some BMX skillz! Water jumps, car jumps, hay barrel jumps and cowpats a plenty! BMX recommended.
- Some nice jumps throughout the course. Only tricky bit are the 3 chained water jumps at the start - there's only 3 but it's very easy to fall in the water... line it up and go straight ahead.
Creator: Haggini
Diffculty: 4/5 (for the tricky water jumps)





Name: BMX Rex's Diner
Description: Prove you're no dinosaur when it comes to extreme sports by dominating the patrons of T Rex's Diner with your BMX skills. Just don't forget your free coffee! BMX recommended.
- My favourite course and one of the hardest at first go. Once mastered you can fly around it but a few ramps up to the roof of the diner are all too easy to fall off at first go. The jump from the T-Rex is fun even if it can cause you problems if you don't get enough distance. Once through the t-rex's legs and past the front of the diner remember to cross straight over and proceed to the 'off road' section - do not turn left too early.
Creator: Haggini
Diffculty: 4/5
Name: BMX Sisyphus Theatre
Description: ''LOS SANTOS... ARE YOU READY TO BMX!?'' That's the cry from the stage as the extreme sport of BMX comes to the Sisyphus theatre. Look out for the latest generic pop act headlining on the main stage!
- A few tricky jumps to get into the stands along with some tight corners but the rest is gentle
Creator: Haggini
Diffculty: 3.5/5



Description: The FIB and the IAA think they run this town. Well they're wrong! Show them how wrong they are by BMXing all over their precious cafe and waterfall filled square. Extra marks for grinding the eagle.
- fairly easy route but a number of jumps some of which need reasonable timing. Bunny hop out of the fountain.
Creator: Haggini
Diffculty: 3/5
Name: BMX Legion Square
Description: Where to better to show off your BMX skills than the cultural centre of Los Santos. The nice arty folks have even put out plenty of fine sculptures for your bunny hopping pleasure.
- fairly easy route to negotiate, multiple methods of getting around the area with the cabins - be creative.
Creator: Haggini
Diffculty: 2/5




Name: BMX Paleto Forest Sawmill
Description: The sawmill... the grisly abattoir of trees. Now it is time for you to mount your BMX and traverse the wooden corpses through a combination of reckless speed and manic bunny hopping (RB). Behold the mighty log climbs! Dare the roof jump! Wear a helmet! BMX recommended.
- can be very tricky and take some time to master the course. Lot's of bunny hopping to negotiate the log piles (good fun though) and easy to fall off the 'flume'.
Creator: Haggini
Diffculty: 5/5
Edited by haggini
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Hey everyone! Love the stuff on here. Thought i'd post some of mine.


TDM Sniper assault


Paratroopers and snipers...What more do you want? Great fun trying to pick off snipers aswell as watching the ground.



Race Raton 2 Grapeseed


Fun offroad race but can be quite tricky. Sometimes a shortcuts not the best option.



TDM All out war

My personal favourite. My take on saving ryans privates. The original is good but didnt have much structure. My version tries to replicate a real skirmish in the desert. Must try.



Hope people try them out and enjoy them. Love any feedback (posotive or negative) thanks for your time and keep up the good work

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