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Share Your Xbox Creations


Recommended Posts





Description:A Figure 8 Race around the Crates at the Shipyard







Description:Close Quarters Fighting in a Homemade Paintball Style Arena




GameMode:Bike Race




Description: A Bike Sprint race from the docks to the shiping yard.








Description: Fight among the rooftops and across the street.

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Ship Outta Luck



A fight aboard Liberty City's "Octopus" freighter, a near identical ship to the Platypus that some might remember from IV's story and it's "Bomb Da Base II" multiplayer mode.


Big Trouble, Little Seoul



Fighting in the alleys and shops of the Korean neighborhood.


Downtown Alley



Fighting in a dark, rainy alley in downtown, almost Liberty-esque.


Final Exam



Extreme hazing happens when fighting is allowed on campus grounds.


And check out my other creations in this post, too, which includes an underground subway station, a freeway rest area, and Die Hard's Nakatomi Plaza.

Edited by Tony.
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Game Mode: MILITARY DOGFIGHT: Version 1.2



MILITARY DOGFIGHT Engages the players in highly a destructive air based battle over Sandy Shores. Use top notch military vehicles to pulverize the enemy team. Tanks, Fighter Jets, Cargo Bob's, Titans, + so much more. Looking to get verified, also looking for input and suggestions. Try it out and Enjoy the game!! Trust me its worth your time.


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Platform: XBox 360

Mission: Prison Riot

Type: Deathmatch

Players: 2 - 16

Teams: 2


Description: A melee match in the prison yard with every melee weapon. Stairs are blocked off to prevent roof access.





Platform: XBox 360

Mission: Los Santos Underground

Type: Deathmatch

Players: 4 - 16

Teams: 2


Description: Close quarters death match in the tunnel/cave under the Maze Bank building.





Platform: XBox 360

Mission: Close Quarters Combat

Type: Deathmatch

Players: 2 - 10

Teams: 2


Description: Extremely close quarters rooftop match. Lots or armor and health. As well as Automatic Shotguns and Combat MGs.





Platform: XBox 360

Mission: Festival of Explosions

Type: Deathmatch

Players: 4 - 16

Teams: 2


Description: Pedestrian cars ramp over you as you shoot grenades and rockets at each other.





Platform: XBox 360

Mission: Crack Pipe Alley

Type: Deathmatch

Players: 2 - 4

Teams: 2


Description: Very small match. Shoot the Jerry Cans for fiery explosions. Or get the Grenade launcher hidden behind the wrecked bus.

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stabby mcstabstab

Don't Sink


Game Mode: land race


Link: http://rsg.ms/1cAQziR



Description: MASSIVE 16 player point to point MUD RACE.


very difficult and not for small trucks.

think you can make it without getting stuck an still get first place?

good luck!

leave me comments an let me know how it was

hope you like it!

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Game Mode: Point to Point Land Race

Link: http://rsg.ms/1c9Vu49

Description: Starts with a lap around the Senora Air Field and then you make some turns to get on route 69 on a straight away down to the finish. Takes round 2 minutes and it's for up to 16 land vehicles.



Game Mode: Lap Land Race

Link: http://rsg.ms/1c9Wl58

Description: A high speed land race through factories and along some highway. Involves an oval on ramp, sharp turns, straight aways, and one hump

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Game Mode: Land Race (Point to Point 8 players)
Link: http://rsg.ms/1cbiM9T
Description: Land Race - Bring Simeon your car in one piece. Fun to play with traffic on.


Rockford Hills, Richards Majestic, Del Perro, Vespucci Canals, Little Seoul, Strawberry, La Mesa, Davis, Rancho, Cypress Flats, Terminal

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Sup guys. I just made my first content created land race, as follows;


URL: http://rsg.ms/1cK6TOk

Title: Del Perro Heights Cruise

Game Mode: Land Race (Curcuit, 1-16 players)

Description: Enjoy a relaxing cruise around the 'block' of the Del Perro Heights appartment building. Go full trothle on the Los Santos inter-city highway.

Locations: Pacific Bluffs, Little Seoul, Downtown, La Mesa, Mirror Park, Murrieta Heights, San Andreas, El Burro Heights, Cypress Flats, Elysian Island, Los Santos International Airport, La Puerta, La Puerta, Strawberry, Rockford Hills, Richards Majestic

Distance: 6.9 miles

Estimate time: 4-5 minutes with Sports class cars






It's not a difficult race or anything, but a nice route I found by just cruising from my Del Perro Heights appartment. I spiced it up a bit with some on/off-ramps etc.


I have only tried it solo but I think 16 players would be awesome.


The checkpoints are strategically places and often within line-of-sight so you know where to go and don't get sudden turns that you miss. Thus why there are so many.


Check it out and let me know :O

Edited by NonEx
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FIB: 49th Floor

Game Mode: Deathmatch / Team Deathmatch

Link: http://rsg.ms.1cge7n5

Description: Battle it out in the undamaged 49th communications floor, move quickly through cover to clear out the office hallways in this close quarter deathmatch.

Edited by djdopes
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stabby mcstabstab



Game Mode: 6-16 player team deathmatch (hand to hand NO WEAPONS)


Link: http://rsg.ms/1ePfiBM


Description: i used to run a fight club crew and thats where i came up with this idea, everyone starts off in the pit to fight it out, no weapons no armor but there is one knife hidden in the map to make things interesting.

download and comment on the map, (any suggestions to add to it will be taken into consideration)

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Vinewood Thrills


Located in the Vinewood hills this race will take you around some of Los Santo's most renowned landmarks and put a drivers reactions and skill to the test. May it be mastering the drift around those tight bends are dodging on coming traffic or taking what ever else these hills have to throw at you. This is not for the faint hearted!!







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Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Hawick Rooftop Paradise


Game Mode: (Team) Deathmatch
Link: Click
Normally, this is a paradise. But this roof is turned into a war zone. Show your best close combat skills and dominate the roof.



Edited by LuizLopezIV
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Dock Drifters


Game Mode: Land Race

Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/VuJiOYN1qkG-M6Uqg_yG4g?platformId=1

Description: A short but nice drift race if your into drifting alone or with friends. Guys pls if you find any problems send a msg to me or reply to this post Thank You ! Add me if you want my gt is Leeeeeevi btw looking for a nice drift crew if anyone accepting memebers please respond Thx.


Edited by levosz
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Truth's Green Goo

I got tired of waiting for R* to make a Mission Creator, so I made a mission anyway!


Best Buds




Game Mode: Race (Point-to-Point; Up to 4 players)


Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/TMZx19NKVE2NKjc15A3Pfg?platformId=1


Description: I need you to make a run for me. My man just harvested some REALLY good bud that needs to get down to The Grove for the Ballas to 'redistribute'. First one of you to get it there will get a nice bonus...


Yeah, it's not REALLY a mission, but I think it adds an element of fun to the race. This isn't a half-assed race, I spent a lot of time tuning the checkpoints and jumps to flow as nicely as possible (for a crazy race that takes you off-road, on-road, jumps to different roads, paths through gas stations, and even a quick visit to the L.S. River Basin; that is!)


Check it out, feedback is encouraged!

Edited by Truth's Green Goo
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Game mode: Island (de)construction

Link: http://rsg.ms/1cjAUOY

Description: A small island in Blaine County is about to be used for a new construction site. Your job is to fight for control of the island for your crew. Which ever side wins will be able to build their property on the island. Good luck.


Game mode: Friday the 13th

Link: http://rsg.ms/1cjBdJG

Description: He's the man behind the mask and he out of control! Several players are pit up against a melee wielding psychopath. The prey cannot attack the killer, but the killer will attack them. Just keep on running as fast as you can.

Edited by theNGclan
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Game mode: race: point to point

link: http://rsg.ms/1cX4KyV



Hi guys. Made a slighty technical map for DIRT BIKES. It's more for finding the best path threw so you may need to look at the map for where you need to go. Some feedback would be great:)

Edited by hornedturtle
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Thanks for taking the time to build and share your races. I built 6 so far myself with 3 of them really standing out as bad ass. The people I race with and some randoms were begging me to find out what I have to do to get the word out on them because they should verified races. Check them out and let me know what you think. Feel free to add me if you like them or just want to race in general. They pay well and give tons of RP with zero added jumps or obstacles.i listed 3 of them below with the first 2 being our favorites


Xbox gamer tag. BlaZZenUp


******* if you modify a published race you loose your ratings!!!!!!! Just made some small changes and lost all my likes ********** the URL also changes but the previous on will still work



Hold On- high speed point to point highway race using on/off ramps. Tons of fun with driving skills needed.



Pro Rider-technical motorcycle lap race catching air quite a few times.



Catch me if you can- point to point highway race with some tricky spots


Edited by BlazenUp, Today, 02:12 PM.

Edited by BlazenUp
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Deposit Bank: Deathmatch


A crazy fight in the LS bank, closed combat.





Street fight in the sky: Deathmatch


Fight at the top of LS arena. Up to 16 players, melee only. Feel like a gladiator.

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Game Mode: Race

Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs?missionId=Lp0ajF-90069x9rLA1vAwA&platformId=1



It is the first of several Grand Prix-style races I will be creating. The next one is slated to start somewhere in Blaine County (start location TBD)

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Game mode: Deathmatch

Link: http://fr.socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/LC6JYKPRq0GHVRS5uw0tLA?platformId=1

Description: Hunger games map. Play it with your friends and disable mini map, hud and trafic. Play it like an hunger games and not a DM there is guns and vehicles on all the map do not launch this as a TDM enjoy :)

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A Drift map round los santos Dowload link in the video link Please rate and comment Gamertag W1ldthing





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I made a roleplay sort of cops&robbers type deathmatch.

I encourage you all to check it out, it didn't work out very well in testing because the enemy npcs didn't take the cars I placed at the start spawn and one took a police chopper halfway across the city...

But, with between 10-16 players, it will work perfectly I think...


Anyways, it's called "GTA: JUSTICE"


Basically it spans the whole city portion of Los Santos and the freeways/exits that take you up to the desert and Chumash are blocked.


Spawns are all spaced out so there's really no chance you'll end up all clustered.


All (basic) entrances to the airport are blocked.


Team 1: Cops.

Vehicles: FIB Buffalo, FIB Granger, Police Maverick.


Team 2: Crims.

Vehicles: Super Diamond, Banshee.



Edit: Finally it popped up, here are the link:


Edited by Tritium
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Hell yeah!!! I downloaded a sh*tload of races just now! Can't wait to try some of these when I get off work!! Thanks guys!! Keep it up!!

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Game Mode: Bike Race (BMX Only)

Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/wIrmTK4VT0ykWDHAO9nKDw?platformId=1

Description: Get on your bikes and ride! Ride through the city and the subway while jumping ramps and hopping over obstacles. TIP: Hopping can make you ride faster, especially in the subway.

Riding in the subway will slow you down. For some reason Rockstar made it so that you can't pedal fast while underground. Other than that, this race has a few tricky parts, but the checkpoints are very forgiving so you don't have to retry after failing once.

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Game Mode: Race

Link: http://rsg.ms/1lhiwOU

Description: Race, smash and crash your way to the finish as you give the local sporting set a taste of real horsepower in this stock car race at the Vinewood Racetrack!


People seem to like smashing each other up in races, so I decided to create a race where you can ram other people around the track. It's a lot less irritating when everyone is joining in the carnage willingly.


Yes I know I've posted it before, but I updated it. Also, sue me, I'm whoring my race, deal with it yo.

Edited by chainsoar
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