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Share Your Xbox Creations


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This race is the one that I spent the most time on. Took me the longest time to build and refine.

It got featured twice in Broughy's streams.







// Customs OFF - use the OMNIS //

Once a peaceful and picturesque haven for those looking to escape the madness of Los Santos; the Tongva Hills are now the ultimate playground for All Terrain Rally Car nutjobs.


1-30 players / LINK


My tracks starts at 15.52


Edited by sleepwalk1980
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  • 1 month later...

Go! Fun! Kart! Yeah!

Much Race! Very Stunt! So Golf Kart!


1 - 30 players








I'll try and get a video of this asap

Edited by sleepwalk1980
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  • 3 weeks later...

Gamertag: KiethBlackLion


Platform: XBox One


Game Mode: Stunt Race


Link: http://rsg.ms/d56ac49








Description: I thought it would be cool to pay tribute to one of my favorite racing games of all time, F-Zero on the SNES. The links above are for the tracks in my F-Zero series. These are basic race tracks, ie no stunt jumps, obstacles, etc...just straight up asphalt track racing. Each track is named and designed after a track in the original F-Zero game. As of right now, there are only 4 tracks completed but I will eventually include every track. The tracks are built as close to the exact shape as the original tracks (taking into a account some variation due to the nature of GTA's stunt track props). All vehicles (excluding special vehicles) are available on all the tracks to allow for race customization. All tracks are lap tracks, the default is 1 lap but obviously, you can add as many as you want to your race. Enjoy and I would appreciate any feedback you might provide.

Edited by Kiethblacklion
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  • 4 months later...

Has anyone made a replica of any existing Rockstar Stunt tracks to use for more than just the current class of the cars.

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  • 4 weeks later...

'Tis the season to be inundated with all things football.


Football being the correct name for what you foreigners call 'soccer'.


Now I hate it and will avoid it as best I can, but when it comes to CAR FOOTBALL, I'm up for it!


Xbox One Capture for 2 - 22 players : http://rsg.ms/5ebded7




Edited by Nugsy
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Tarmac, dirt, hill, creek, rock, swamp, river... you name it, we got it. All terrain race that pits the Brawler, the Trophy and the Raid against each other.






[Slipstream ON] Much like thinking of your nan during lovemaking to delay yet another premature embarrassment; this race is all about control.

This track is one continuous corner, so get into the slipstream of the car in front of you, close enough to choke on their fumes, and time your overtake to perfection.






They say the best way to appreciate the majestic beauty of the Chiliad State Wilderness is from the top of Mount Chiliad itself.

And with almost 15 seconds of freefall from the top of the mountain, you'll have plenty of time to take in the views before

you black out from the stomach churning realization that you just drove a car off of a mountain. Transform Race for the Ruiner 2000 and Retinue.



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  • 2 weeks later...

I'll go toe-to-toe with R* and their races any day of the week.

I'll big myself up and say mine are better.




Vinewood Hills; home to Los Santos' beautiful, rich and famous. Lucky for you, this racetrack is far enough above their homes that the restraining order against you doesn't apply up here.






Look, you haven't got control of your life, your marriage, your finances, or your rapidly receeding hairline; so you better have

control of your vehicles (and your bladder) if you're to have any chance of surviving this eyewatering, freefalling, gravity defying transform race






Much Race! Very Stunt! So Golf Kart! Now Will You Warp!






There's nothing quite like smell of the Los Santos Docks on a warm day; the polluted water, the rotting fish, the diesel generators, the workers' sweat.

Just what you need when your stomach is already churning from a mid-air transformation with nothing but the oily sludge of the ocean to break your fall.

Transform Race for Muscle Cars and the Blazer Aqua.






Don't look down as you fly through the air over Fort Zancudo wondering exactly which poor life choices bought you to this moment.

Best not look up either... Or sideways. In fact just close your eyes, it'll all be over soon. [Transform / Massacro, Ruiner 2000, Bati 801]






Transform Race / Who needs overpriced illegal powder, hard liquor and the dead-eyed stare of a bored lapdancer to get their kicks anymore?

This transform race for the Retinue, Savestra and Buzzard is going to feel like a shot of adrenaline straight to your cold dead heart.






Jeff Bridges.


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  • 6 months later...

Xbox One

WorldWarX  LTS

Two sides known as Allies and Central Powers. Each team with a base and weapons. It's up to the players to determine who wins the World War. 

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  • 4 months later...

I've made some 30-player land races for GTA Online, on XBox One, based on races in GTA San Andreas. I'll let you lot be the judge of how true they are to the originals in GTA:SA.


Here is the playlist (link)

Here are the jobs:

Lowrider Race

Little Loop

Backroad Wanderer


City Circuit

Into The Country


Enjoy at will, all feedback is appreciated.

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  • 5 months later...
Cash 4 Clickbait

Game Mode: Survival
Link: SPANKed Up Madmen


This is one for fans of the GTAIII mission "Kingdom Come".

The Diamond Casino Parking Lot, no obstacles or props (except to keep vans out of the lot and a callback), 10 waves of Avon Security, minimum health, lowest accuracy but all armed with Homing Missiles.

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Platform: X1

Game Mode: Survival

Link: MACV-SOG 0.1

Description: The very first version of this survival. I'm gonna put a lot more work into it and possibly modify the map quite a bit over time... 

--Inspired by the operations of SOG recon teams in the secret war that was happening over the fence during the Vietnam war. While SOG had teams around the same size as modern day A-Teams, they also had recon teams as small as 4 men and would face up to tens of thousands of NVA in a single day. With over 100%, SOG holds the highest casualty rate in US Military history since the Civil War, while also holding the highest kill ratio in US Military history with 158 to 1. The triple canopy jungle was so dense and thick that you could be 2 feet from the enemy and neither one of you would know it. SOG inspired a rich pop culture history in regards to the Green Berets who filled the majority of it's teams, the most notable influence being the character of John Rambo. For the sake of history, I'd also like to add that the average SOG team consisted of, in some cases, nearly half the team being South Vietnamese, or other local rebels, villagers, etc.. As for Americans, while it was primarly Green Berets backed up by the Air Force, there were also SEALS, Recon Marines & CIA...

--As for this survival, I put it in Lago Zancudo. I had the idea when making an entirely different survival in the same place. There is no traditional cover; I maxed out the amount of trees and bushes the creator allows into a 150 circular region across both swamp lands and water. This allows for a lot of terrain usage and the ability to hug trees and work cover with the evironment. Each wave has 3 aircrafts and 15 knife wielding heavies, with the maximum amount of standard ground units allowable. The aircrafts differ across each wave; you may face 3 Valkyrie, or 3 B-11's. Most waves have a variety of aircrafts. I tried to get it as close to time period correct as I could while still giving a genuine variety. I didn't want every aircraft in the survival to be the exact same. The goal of this was to provide the most chaotic hell raining experience possible. If it's nothing but Valkyrie, you'd be able to adapt much easier and that goes against the concept, so I at least kept it somewhat around that time period, though obviously, not all the way true. 

Dealing with aircrafts is supposed to be very difficult, the amount of tree coverage takes away a lot of your options as it does in a triple canopy jungle, though just like in real life, they can still fire for effect on your position. To give it the extra, I made all of the aircrafts matte earth and set the primary weather and time to midnight and raining. 

The standard ground units are divided between various Merryweather options and some NOOSE, I threw NOOSE in the mix because of the color of their gear being completely dark. Ground units will be carrying AK's and I think I may have even put an MP5 in there somewhere. Heavy Units are Marines all armed with knives. The enemy does not have any armor, because, well, go talk to any vietnam vet about body armor in the jungle.. 

All of the weapon pickups are either homing missles or RPGs, during the testing I ran out of missles and was incapable of handling the aircrafts as some of them were too far off and difficult to track in the dark; so I tossed a bunch of missles & RPG pickups on the map as well as some health and armor scattered about.

Player spawn points are all seperated across the map, mostly around the edge. You will NOT spawn with your team. Enemy spawn points are also scattered around, though there are many close to eachother so to give a more realistic effect of what SOG would run into. You can either regroup with your team or try and control a section of the map. Take note however, it is very easy for a single player to get overrun despite skill level. 

I do not advise playing this with less than 3 players. If you play it, please send me your feedback. This is a concept I'm interested in running with across multiple survivals and this will always be a work in progress from my perspective. It is currently only set to 5 Waves. I've completed all original survivals solo and I was incapable of completing Wave 1 of this survival by myself, it wasn't the ground units that gave me trouble, but the aircrafts; this is why I advise at least 3 players. With such a small area, with so many enemies on the ground and with heavy fire power in the air, with the trees blocking most of your vision.... it's not built for you to succeed, especially not by yourself. There is a lot of firepower, ground shaking, explosive action and all that.

Again, this is a concept in line with the SOG operations, it is not meant to be a safe and protected easy day in the park. There are no perfect positions. If you try this, take that into account. 

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Platform: Xbox One

Game Mode: King of the Hill

Link: Virtual Mortality

Description: 2 teams battle it out in a symmetrical wargames arena. 2 "base" hills and 2 flags each worth 1 point per tick, and 1 "middle ground" hill worth 3.

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  • 3 months later...

Xbox One

Transform Race


After freefalling down Mount Chiliad, you'll use an Oppressor MkI to get back up it. Then it's time to repeat that on the other side of the mountain.

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  • 5 months later...
Big Molio

Some of my custom Open Wheel races, each one using each of the four Open Wheel Cars. 






Edited by Big Molio
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  • 3 weeks later...

you want fresh new activities add the crew (greengangdragoninja) GGDN  and everyday you will have all kind of gtav online activities!!  you can give your activities ideas and we will create it or not!!  don't be shy  just go on social club and searche the GGDN 'greengangdragoninja) crew's activities!!  we are waiting for ideas to create (whe can give them the name you want to)  https://fr.socialclub.rockstargames.com/jobs/?dateRange=last7&filter=crew_11918080&platform=xboxone&sort=date&title=gtav     

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1 hour ago, cedano371 said:

you want fresh new activities add the crew (greengangdragoninja) GGDN  and everyday you will have all kind of gtav online activities!!  you can give your activities ideas and we will create it or not!!  don't be shy  just go on social club and searche the GGDN 'greengangdragoninja) crew's activities!!  we are waiting for ideas to create (whe can give them the name you want to)  https://fr.socialclub.rockstargames.com/jobs/?dateRange=last7&filter=crew_11918080&platform=xboxone&sort=date&title=gtav     

Ninja Warrior stages (ie. mirrored obstacle courses for 2 players to race side by side ex. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYDrLsGeD80 ) 

Tombraider stages (ie. 1 player stages that are puzzles and require the use of props or the environment to pass, maybe use captures so we have to collect things along the way)

Multisport races (ie.  race bikes to cars,  race cars to the beach,  swim out to seasharks,  race seasharks back to the beach and footrace to the finish line)



Edited by BumpyJohnson
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  • 3 months later...

Platform: Xbox One
Game Mode: Stunt Race

LinkCrunge Culture

Description: The Bridge? Has anybody seen the bridge? Where's that Confounded Bridge - Cross over (and under) each of the South LS bridges twice

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