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Share Your Xbox Creations


Recommended Posts

Game Mode: Team deathmatch (2-16 players)
Link: http://rsg.ms/1bMoJde
Description: AP pistol fight on Nuke town map. Small map with only AP pistols and armor packs. Up to 16players. Really fun to play. LIKE PLEASE...

Edited by MG0902
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Rockford Roofies


Gamemode: Race

Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/Don_Zwenkwiel/games/gtav/jobs/job/RQ446yZVsUGCsofW8JlVkQ?platformId=2

Description:Unlike the name implies this race won't make you sleepy. It will require all your wits and full attention to make it in this dirtbike race across the Rockford Plaza roof.

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Metro Madness


Team Deathmatch


2-12 player close quarters team deathmatch in a Los Santos subway station.


Rest Stop


Team Deathmatch


2-16 players, hidden items in the shops, this one can get explosive.


Nakatomi Rooftop




2-6 players on this Die Hard-inspired map, anyone spawning on the ground gets a chance to use an Annihilator on anybody on the rooftop.


Nakatomi Siege


Team Deathmatch


2-12 players in another Die Hard-inspired map. Plenty of police vehicles and a limo at ground level, all can make great cover, or great things to destroy.




Team Deathmatch


2-16 players, up to 4 teams in a very open area for a team deathmatch, plenty of golf caddies to ride around in.


Death and Suspension


Team Deathmatch


2-16 players fighting it out on a bridge inbetween traffic.


European Mashup


Team Deathmatch


2-8 players on the European film set, includes hidden explosive weapons across the rooftops.

Edited by Tony.
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GameMode: Deathmatch / TDM

Link: http://rsg.ms/1bN5DUs

Description: We all know the families have lost grove street. because of the extreme violence between Ballas and Families. The families take of there green and blend in, wearing normal clothes. Either help to retake Grove St. ... Or defend the hood with all your heart!


Players start off with a pistol, if you are in a TDM your team spawn is next to a load of uzi's, in the open are Pump/Sawed shotguns (Take at your own risk!) and other assorted items are spread in the back and front gardens.

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GameMode: DM/TDM

Link: http://rsg.ms/1bN7icy

Description: The workers have revolted, after many weeks of smuggling weapons onto the construction site, Low paid workers battle it out on the top of a half built skyscraper. mostly SMGS have are being used. But word of an RPG in the centre of the map is spreading. Also, Don't ask how the truck got up there...


Mile High Club is a close quarter battle, this can be used to get used to shotguns. The fast paced killing favours those with body armor, so head towards them!! This DM can be used to level up your shooting quickly if your level is low

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Game Mode: GTA Race

Players: 2 - 16

Description: Chaotic as hell. Race through 4 block crossroad of busy West Vinewood streets desperately trying to avoid the ferocious onslaught of cops, absurd obstacles, horrid stunt jumps, missiles and whatever over hellish nightmares are coming your way. (so make sure you leave traffic and cops on ^_^ xoxox)


Edited by Thoushaltsuffer
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Hi, I posted this in the other creations thread but since it's locked now I figured I would put it in here.



Type: Race

Title: The Inhuman Race

Description: Lap race with a few jumps mixed in. First place is for superhumans. Anything else is merely subhuman.



Type: Point to Point Race

Title: Bouncy Bouncy

Description: Over the streets and through the mall, to Vinewood Hills we go......for some bouncy bouncy.



Any feedback is welcome. Thanks for checking them out and enjoy :)

Edited by TheMovement81
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Melee Only TDM , One team starts on the stage. all other spawns are in the stands.

try and own the stage in this TDM and get your 15 minutes of fame

Use a bike:


Use a Bike or you wont enjoy this much, in fact the only way to beat this race not on a bike is to walk in GTA Race mode. Trials type off-road race, ( Choose Sanchez )

Battlefield The Crossing:


All Players first spawn on roofs, after you lose your first life you will spawn on the ground, and be a sitting duck for snipers ! (Better with lots of players)



A Great TDM , Players start on top and inside sky scrapers, enter the battle with style and then hold the bank for as long as you can



A Nice TDM With lots of cover and strategy.

Parking Wars:


in this TDM All players will spawn outside a car park, ( either 1 of 2 ) , Use the stairs to sneak up and kill the enemy? , or go charging up the ramps in a car? , or

possibly fly a bike off the bridge into the third floor !

( Great fun with lots of players, takes along time to find the enemy 1 v 1 )

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Hey guys, I have a selection of races I have made and would like to share with you all. Enjoy! :)


I made most of these races with pure driving in mind, I haven't set them up for GTA style races so there are no booster/rocket placements in them.


I'm not sure how to find the links to each individual job, so if there is better way to do it than how I have please let me know :) For now I will link to my profile, it only has 6 published which I've also made a playlist with.





edit: I'd recommend using Motorcycles for the Escape Artist job, seems to work better, if you have to use cars I'd say go Coupes :)

Edited by VicVip0r
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Game Mode: Bicycle race

Link: http://rsg.ms/1bPkyxr

Description: "We dare you to push your limits as an Olympic bicycle racer and take this challenge: Participate to the most ultimate and unique Track cycling in San Andeas."



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Game Mode: Point To Point Land Race


Link: http://rsg.ms/1c1bdsa


Description: 6 Player point to point land race that is a rallye cross race on dirt and tarmac. Very fun and challenging with tight corners would advise offroad vehicles but very fun with the Karin Sultan RS is Sports cars.

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Name: Runnin' Rebel


Game Mode: Point to Point Land Race


Link: http://rsg.ms/1cczjQU


Description: Think you know how to hill-climb? Then test it here. (Race was built with a stock rebel so modded rebels shouldn't have a problem all other vehicles i"m not sure.)




Name: Runnin' Rebel 2


Game Mode: Point To Point Land Race


Link: http://rsg.ms/1cczWtC


Description: Same as Runnin' Rebel1 but with an alternate finish

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Game Mode: Race

Link: [link]http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/liriYblT80myuLGoHeGIRg?platformId=1[\link]

Name: #thestreetsaremine

Description: Bring what you have and let's see what you got!

Xbox360 as the title of the thread states

Edited by ToOSk3tChY
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After listening to peoples feedback I have updated my race and think you will have a great time! I value and appreciate everyones feedback to help make this one of the most enjoyable races out there.




Also doing this solo you will get 3k RP and 2500 cash! In a group of three the winner will take 4k RP and 6K cash, for just four minutes of work , thats just two laps!


Platform: Xbox

Game mode: Standard race



Add the Race: Homefront


I really hope you will enjoy this and look forward to hearing what you think of it.

Edited by MrHollick
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Platform: Xbox 360
Mission: Pipe Bomb
Type: Team Death Match
Players: 2-6
Teams: 2
Link: http://rsg.ms/1bVXRYo

Description :
Team deathmatch in the Los Santos underground. Intended for small crews with light weapons and the occasional explosive.



This takes place in the multi-level section of the sewer/train tunnels underneath down town LS.

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Hey guys, I published 2 more races if you want some new stuff to check out.


"Precision Decisions"

Description: Challenging tech course with drift spots, jumps, and some tight corridors. Make sure to LEAN BACK on the big jump over water if using Motorbikes.


-Point to point where maneuverability and handling are key, so Motorbikes and cars with good grip or drift ability are good choices here.



Description: Long stretch of road that passes by Franklin's, Michael's, and Trevor's safehouses.


-A long distance point to point race from safehouse to safehouse, fun with supercars and traffic left on for some unpredictability.


Here's links to my other 2 races also:


"The Inhuman Race"


"Bouncy Bouncy"



Thanks again, any feedback is welcomed. Hope you enjoy. :)

Edited by TheMovement81
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From sea to shining sea- (1-8 players)

Game mode: Land Race

Link: http://rsg.ms/1bWOKGY

Description: Race from coast to coast


Tour De Los Santos- (1-16 players)

Game mode: Bike race

Link: http://rsg.ms/1bWOS9f

Description:a Bicycle race through the city and the hills, only for the most experienced athletes. Motorcycles available as well for shorter races, turn traffic on for motorcycle races for added difficulty.

Edited by XmeatshieldX
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Under Construction

Game Mode: Race - Lap

Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/PDsHErlQOke6ycfNWbSGhA?platformId=1

Description: 15 player multi lap race around Redwood Lights Track construction site. Race over the rough terrain and through the unbuilt buildings in any vehicle (Except cycles and utility vehicles). Includes multiple stunt jumps.

I must admit, I am very happy with how this turned out! So challenging and really good fun because the rough terrain makes it unpredictable and the jumps can turn everything around! Gonna see what its like with utility vehicles as it could be even more challenging with their tall frames and slow nature!

Also check out my other 3 jobs!

Car Park

Game Mode: Race - Lap

Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/zLgtSa_vl0i-fyZoSQE9yQ?platformId=1

Description: Race through a car park and back out onto the streets in this 8 player multi-lap race.

Grand Senora Race

Game Mode: Race - Lap (Designed for GTA race, but can be a standard race)

Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/g5WSjJQCkkmDc8aaN4x0Wg?platformId=1

Description: Race up and down the runways at Grand Senora and onto the roads with rockets and boosts.

Chilliad Canyon

Game Mode: Race - Point to Point

Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/mJb017_O5Ey7XaG85guhdQ?platformId=1

Description: Race under Mt. Chilliad and round the challenging dirt track and up Raton Canyon before falling dramatically back down. Will you survive the drop?

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--- Listen and Observe ---


Players: 1 - 16



Description: Run fast laps from the famous Sisyphus Ampitheater to the Observatory and back again. Dirt roads, sharp turns and rocky cliffs are yours for the taking. Balance speed and skill (with a dash of luck) and you're sure to come out on top.



--- Sandy Shores Showoffs ---


Players: 1 - 14



Description: Get ready to push your speedometer to the limit in Sandy Shores. Two long straightaways and one set of hairpin turns is sure to make your engine roar and tires squeal.



--- Sandy Shores Showoffs II ---


Players: 1 - 16



Description: Put your speedometer through it's paces with some quick laps around Sandy Shores. This time you'll encounter two long straightaways and a pair of hairpin turns sure to strip your tires and rev your engine.



--- Freighthopping ---


Players: 1 - 16

*Made for chaotic Off-road Races



Description: Hop on the rail from Sandy Shores to Paleto Bay, like a good ol' fashioned American hobo. Off Road racing at it's finest including speed-inducing straight aways, tight bottlenecks and plenty of other perils to test the mettle of even the most experienced off-road enthuiast.



***Death match***


County Club Chaos


Players: 1 - 16



Description: When the caddyshack rumblings turn in to a full scale class warfare, bloodshed is par for the course. Pick up a 9 (iron or mm) and jump in the action.

Edited by xNinjaStarfishx
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2 rally inspired point to point races with tarmac and dirt on winding roads both uphill and downhill, 1 grand prix like circuit race with fast straight aways and tight corners. Feed back appreciated. Pretty limited with the current prop count though.



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The first of 3 is done. Vespucci GP. No gimmicks just trying to make decent races for people who enjoy racing.


Here's the details, let me know what you think. Personally I think once you've run several laps on this thing it flows beautifully! I'm obviously bias though :)





Edited by ToOSk3tChY
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Steeple Chase
Game mode: Race
Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/cFMwB2pD20SXSpqMo0mLpg?platformId=1
Description: Point to Point race for cars or motorcycles from Rockford Plaza to Hill Valley church in Blaine county. 1-16 players.

Pole to Pole
Game mode: Race
Link : http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/xseFp_ECBEmTSz8hFR-Y0Q?platformId=1
Description: Point to Point race for 1-8 players through downtown from Vanilla Unicorn to Pitchers.

Cannibal Run
Game mode: Race
Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/ssZkCiI_70aLxd9tW0JmKw?platformId=1
Description: Circuit race for dirt bikes through the Altruist compound and surrounding countryside.

Game mode: Race
Description: Point to Point race for dirt bikes down the east side of Mt. Chilliad. Tight paths, steep side hills and big air.

Edited by JiNX77
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I'll put this up top because it applies to all my tracks. I used barriers to prevent excessive corner cheesing and forcing players to drive the intended route. I was also very limited with my prop count. If R* ever increases the limit they'll be much more visually appealing. Also all 3 tracks have traffic and cops off.


Rally Los Santos 1

Point-to-Point Race, 1-5 players


Rally stage inspired point to point race. Downhill course with winding roads and hairpins. Roughly 65% tarmac and 35% dirt.


Rally Los Santos 2

Point-to-Point Race, 1-5 players


Rally stage inspired point to point race. Uphill course with winding roads and tough terrain. Roughly 70% tarmac and 30% dirt. (This is NOT just RLS1 in reverse).


Los Santos Grand Prix

Circuit Race, 1-16 players


F1/Monte Carlo inspired race around downtown Los Santos. Features wide roads that narrow into corners. Fast straight-aways and tight turns. Also has a very technical chicane :D

Edited by TommyK154
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The Golf War

Game Mode:Team Deathmatch


-Battlefield Inspired deathmatch on the Golf Course

-Weapons are all centermap, each team has equal resources otherwise


The Bosoms Of War

Game Mode:Team Deathmatch


-Heavy team resources allocated for start points, theres one jet on a bridge

-Takes place near the merryweather harbor

-Definitely bombastic but with spaced spawn points and balanced warfare

-Borderline VDM as each player has the opportunity to be independant/cooperative with their very own cargobob and tank


I wasn't sure if I had the links correct so hopefully I do

Edited by Tabula Rasa
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Woo finaly found somewhere to post my races, i'd like to think they are all well made but you can judge that, all races have been made to include GTA races and no to little vehicle restrictions so you can play how you want :-).


Tight Squeeze


Game Mode: Race


Description: No need to be polite as 16 racers mash together in the unfinished metro tunnels. Lap race for vehicles of all shapes and sizes.


Seventy Times 7


Game Mode: Race


Description: You thought rush hour was bad, zip and weave through oncoming traffic with up to 16 players on this dangerous lap race. Game of Chicken anyone?


Through the Rabbit Hole


Game Mode: Air Race


Description: Fly fast and low down Cassidy Creek, over (or under) Fort Zancudo and back up the Zancudo River. Will you dare to fly through the tunnel? Lap race for Mallards.


Never Gonna Find Me


Game Mode: Race


Description: Small Vehicles are great for avoiding the cops. Take to alleyways, the railway, even a jump off the top of a car park in this lap race for Compacts and Motorcycles.


High Stakes, Low-Rider


Game Mode: Race


Description: ''It's hard cash or pink slip in the pot'' in this race for Low-Riders based on the GTASA original. Recommend Driving a Tornado, Peyote or Manana. ''First past the post wins, con chota, sin chota''.


Airstrip Arena


Game Mode: GTA Race


Description: A spaghetti network of check-points meant to encourage conflict. Chaotic 16 player Gta race with tight turns, explosives and a few jumps thrown in.


Rapids of L.S.


Game Mode: Boat Race


Description: Soak in the luscious scenery in this not so relaxing tour of the local rapids. Point to Point for Seasharks.


Special Delivery


Game Mode: Race


Description: There's big money in the transport business, especially when Merryweather is involved, but when payment depends on delivery time and major roads seem blocked can you make it in time. Van race for up to 16 players.


Delivery Experts


Game Mode: Race


Description: Pizza delivery drivers need to know their city, how well do you know Los Santos. 3 deliveries, no directions, and try not to fall off your scooter or you'll have to pick up a new pizza.


Endurance Freeway


Game Mode: Race


Description: If you like a long race or cruising the freeway this race is for you. Starting on Los Santos Fwy looping back around to the city, finishing off with a lap around the entire island. 22 mile endurance race for up to 16 players.


Mario Circuit


Game Mode: GTA Race


Description: Small and simple Gta lap race based on the original Mario Kart, for Biftas only.


Donut Plains


Game Mode: GTA Race


Description: Short lap Gta race with a few tight turns. Based on the Mario Kart original.


Thats all my finished jobs so far, still got loads of races to publish and a few deathmatches, havent decided weather to edit this post or just do another, either way if you like keep checking back and i welcome any feedback, thankyou and enjoy :-)

Edited by Darteyld
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