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Share Your Xbox Creations

Recommended Posts


This race is the one that I spent the most time on. Took me the longest time to build and refine.

It got featured twice in Broughy's streams.







// Customs OFF - use the OMNIS //

Once a peaceful and picturesque haven for those looking to escape the madness of Los Santos; the Tongva Hills are now the ultimate playground for All Terrain Rally Car nutjobs.


1-30 players / LINK


My tracks starts at 15.52


Edited by sleepwalk1980

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Go! Fun! Kart! Yeah!

Much Race! Very Stunt! So Golf Kart!


1 - 30 players








I'll try and get a video of this asap

Edited by sleepwalk1980

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Gamertag: KiethBlackLion


Platform: XBox One


Game Mode: Stunt Race


Link: http://rsg.ms/d56ac49








Description: I thought it would be cool to pay tribute to one of my favorite racing games of all time, F-Zero on the SNES. The links above are for the tracks in my F-Zero series. These are basic race tracks, ie no stunt jumps, obstacles, etc...just straight up asphalt track racing. Each track is named and designed after a track in the original F-Zero game. As of right now, there are only 4 tracks completed but I will eventually include every track. The tracks are built as close to the exact shape as the original tracks (taking into a account some variation due to the nature of GTA's stunt track props). All vehicles (excluding special vehicles) are available on all the tracks to allow for race customization. All tracks are lap tracks, the default is 1 lap but obviously, you can add as many as you want to your race. Enjoy and I would appreciate any feedback you might provide.

Edited by Kiethblacklion

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Has anyone made a replica of any existing Rockstar Stunt tracks to use for more than just the current class of the cars.

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Posted (edited)

'Tis the season to be inundated with all things football.


Football being the correct name for what you foreigners call 'soccer'.


Now I hate it and will avoid it as best I can, but when it comes to CAR FOOTBALL, I'm up for it!


Xbox One Capture for 2 - 22 players : http://rsg.ms/5ebded7




Edited by Nugsy

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Tarmac, dirt, hill, creek, rock, swamp, river... you name it, we got it. All terrain race that pits the Brawler, the Trophy and the Raid against each other.






[Slipstream ON] Much like thinking of your nan during lovemaking to delay yet another premature embarrassment; this race is all about control.

This track is one continuous corner, so get into the slipstream of the car in front of you, close enough to choke on their fumes, and time your overtake to perfection.






They say the best way to appreciate the majestic beauty of the Chiliad State Wilderness is from the top of Mount Chiliad itself.

And with almost 15 seconds of freefall from the top of the mountain, you'll have plenty of time to take in the views before

you black out from the stomach churning realization that you just drove a car off of a mountain. Transform Race for the Ruiner 2000 and Retinue.



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