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What really happened to Floyd and Debra.

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Floyd deserved it, that is what should happen to all the pansies that have a lesser job than their woman.

Ok going by this, the moment your girlfriend gets a job that pays more than yours, you must be killed instantly. If that happens, expect a hitman to come knocking at your door.

You still mistake a game with real life, and that's embarassing

We've mentioned you for ''special douchebag of the year'' ...officially....


What the hell? So in a game you deserve to die as a man because your girl makes more money than you, but not in real life? What the hell kind of logic are you using? That fictional male characters must make more money than their fictional female counterparts or die? The only "special douchebag" here is you. You're also just dumb.

We take it as a compliment from a 12 years old...

He deserves to die in Trevor's mind/point of view, or it's too difficult to understand for you, general and annoyance_nextdoor ?

I reckon you zip your sh*tpipe before you embarrass yourself anymore.

The only embarassing thing here are 12-16 year old not even grown up yet that pretends to discuss adult things...


Go back to school, kiddo, your mommy knows that you play an M rated game ?




Really? That's all you've got? "You're 12", "go back to school", "kiddo", "you're playing an M game behind your mommy's back"? WE think you're pathetic, "deal with it".

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Cicero The Great




Neither of you kids seems to have a valid argument on the subject :

a psycho could overreact without any apparent logical explanation, and this is a fact derived from years of psychoanalysis, not a subjective opinion based on nothing like yours

Edited by Cicero The Great

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I urge you to refrain from slinging infantile insults at each other. There is absolutely no need to get personal. Discuss the topic at hand and keep it at that. Any further transgressions will be dealt with accordingly.

Edited by Raavi

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