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Grand Theft Auto Online PS3 Roleplaying Group

Steven Stevie Stephonsen

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Steven Stevie Stephonsen

I wish to start a roleplaying group that likes to take things seriously but also still fool around a bit my PSN is Ultimateninja111 add me as a friend if you wish to join im going to explain the rules now alright.


1.No random killing random killing is annoying and no one wants it end of story only kill a player unless they allow it random needless killing is viable to get you kicked.


2.No TANKS driving a tank around is viable to get you kicked as well tanks are overpowered and annoying they are only for causing destruction and disruption end of story.


3.Do as i say if i say somone needs to get kicked you need to vote to kick them too.


4.if you die you can still continue living as the person you are if a hospital can save you from a f*cking explosion in SP why not in multiplayer?


5.if a cop asks you to pull over please don't just immidiently blast them in the face like i said no random killing you have to play along unless of course you did nothing wrong in which case JUST TELL THEM.


6.have fun dont be a sourpuss just because things arent going your way.


there are also jobs and many other things ill list more as i think of them but currently theres the following




Police Chief:*Me/Ultimateninja111*


Police Officers


Fire Fighters




FIB Agents


Military Soldiers






Park Rangers


Taxi Drivers






I will add more as they are suggested or i think of.

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