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GTA Liberty City Stories Starter Save Discussion

Arsen Vitiuk

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You can make the tunnel visible by getting near the station. Until this, simply follow the trains that pass by from time to time. If you're impatient, you can use bullets to see where the ground is solid. 
To get to Shoreside with the bike, you have to accelerate on the bridge as long as you can. Leaning slightly forward helps increasing the max speed. When you do it right, you will spawn on the edge, passing by the watery death. 

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  • 3 months later...

So I picked up GTA LCS again to finish my starter save after months of not playing it. I'm at 45% completion and all I need so far are the last 6 rampages in Portland. The reason I completed them backwards from Shoreside Vale and Staunton is because I wasn't completely sure which rampage I should leave out in Portland in case I ever wanted to do any special glitch missions/ special cars. Not sure if in fact a rampage needs to be left out.


Which rampage do you all recommend leaving out in Portland?



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The one near the safehouse with the molotovs is conveniently placed but if you want to keep the ammunition of said rampage during "Cash in Kazuki's Chips", I'd recommend leaving the rampage with the shotgun as you can trade in the gun itself for a stubby shotgun without losing any ammunition. 

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  • 1 month later...

Yes. When you start a new game you start off with one mission attempt. When you fail Home Sweet Home, it restarts and adds another mission attempt.

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Wow great then, i was affraid because i thought i had done 9mm mission twice 

Edited by SMACKED!
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On 1/8/2014 at 1:39 PM, GTAKid667 said:

I split the post from the original topic and pinned it. Again, this is a very useful list and should be on display for all players, Good work Arsen V :^:

This is a very useful post. I’m about to 100 % this game again just cause this post 

On 6/29/2013 at 4:44 AM, Arsen Vitiuk said:

This list includes ALL side missions and collectibles that can be done in the beginning of the game, before completing any Storyline mission:

  • Home Sweet Home
  • Paramedic
  • Firefighter
  • Vigilante
  • Taxi
  • Pizzaboy
  • Noodle Punk
  • Trash Dash - Portland
  • Bike Salesman
  • RC Triad Take-Down
  • Thrashin' RC
  • Ragin' RC
  • Chasin' RC
  • Wong Side Of The Tracks
  • Scrapyard Challenge
  • Go Go Faggio
  • Bumps & Grinds
  • Scooter Shooter
  • 9mm Mayhem
  • AWOL Angel
  • See The Sight Before Your Flight
  • Car-azy Car Give Away (15/16 cars, except for Thunder-Rodd)
  • Rampages
  • Hidden Packages (99/100 - except for the Fort Staunton package)
  • Unique Jumps (25/26, except for 'The Dolls House' jump)

In the end, if everything above has been accomplished, the game completion percentage should be 49% and, if every single mission has been passed on the first try (except for Taxi mission), 30 Mission Attempts.


Credit goes to err5 for BF Injection acquisition method and for obtaining the previously unreachable Hidden Packages at Callahan Bridge gap and the Dolls House.

Thank you Arsen

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On 7/7/2016 at 8:31 PM, err5 said:

Thank you for the support. I managed to find a faster (but a much more difficult) method. I caused enough havoc to make Enforcers chase me, I lured one next to the place where the bridge construction part starts, killed anyone following me, hopped in and went on the rails (is that a correct word for these ?); it's much more difficult than with an ambulance, I wasn't even able to position in backwards like the ambulance. Naturally I had to have the camera focused on the boat below so it wouldn't vanish.



I went out, climbed on the vehicle and attempted to jump on the invisible platform, but it seems like Enforcers are too low for me to make it (or its 3D orientation was preventing me from reaching - compare it to the ambulance I posted earlier). And the final position wasn't helping me as well - too big gap between the wall and the vehicle's roof.



I threw a grenade, jumped at the right moment in the right direction and the explosion sent me to the barricade floor.



I positioned myself carefully...



Geronimo !



Lost a bit of health, but I'm alive and able to travel to a safe place.




in order to park the boat below the bridge and get back alive to the docks, do you have to actually drive 2 boats instead of 1? so once you park the first one below the bridge you use the second one to get back, right?

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13 hours ago, SMACKED! said:

so once you park the first one below the bridge you use the second one to get back, right?

Yes, that is correct.

But honestly, this method:

is faster and almost guarantees success.

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yes, i've seen that method before, thing is i've completed 9mm mayhem mission before i even knew about the special bike and if i had to do the mission again i'd have to get an extra mission attempt that i don't know if it's worth of getting

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On normal versions of the game, if you have all railshooters (or more precisely, the railshooter in question) completed, they won't add further mission attempts if started again. At least this was true for my PS2, PSP and mobile versions. There have been reports of people whose games behave differently but it definitely is worth re-checking whether this is true for you or not. 

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If you haven't gotten hold of a Heavy PCJ yet, you won't really be able to do the tasks and make it back in time. 

The method that allows the early access to staunton and thus to Shoreside which in turn involves stealing a heavy bike and riding it through the ocean works both ways. 

For travelling back to portland, the Asuka pier suits the best. Just accelerate all the way and if done right; you'll end up near the red light district with the bike and the tourist. 

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