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The Coffee & Tea Thread

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Mister Pinkerton
53 minutes ago, JON22 said:

Cheap coffee with boiled water from the kettle with milk and sugar. I'm a simple man. Have about two-three cups a day, and alternate between tea and coffee so about two cups of tea too with sugar and milk. No fancy stuff. Just hot water and teabags.


Sometimes I'll buy cheap cold coffee from cheap places when buying my food (crap) shopping. No fancy cafe.


You a "no-frills" maw'facka 👍

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I was into coffee around 2010-2011, but I never prepare one just buying, most of caffeine is from drinking Coca Cola or Pepsi.

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I drink nothing but coffee, tea, and water. I quit soda a long time ago. It is pretty cool touching my flat bellybutton knowing that I am no longer poisoning myself with high fructose corn syrup. You can put stevia in your coffee and sweeten it. It tastes pretty good too.

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Hmmm nice bike

Tea is really good, I'm into loads of varieties. Green, blueberry, jasmine, oolong, etc. I was once given a can of oolong from Japan and it was probably the best herbal tea I've had. I also like tea UK style thanks to some friends out there introducing me to black tea with milk. Never would have considered having tea that way before since it's not really a thing here in the US, but now it's pretty much a winter favorite for me.


As for coffee, I enjoy most decaf espresso drinks. I can only go full-on caffeinated if I'm having only a very small serving. Anything more than one shot of espresso or a small cup of regular coffee and I'm bouncing off the walls with a massive caffeine headache to boot. Decaf caramel or vanilla latte on a chilly autumn day though? Hell yes. It's like an alternative to hot chocolate for me. More of a treat than something I actually need to wake up.

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I love coffee. Dark roast black with 6 sugars. I'll drink it through out the entire day even before bedtime.

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