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[REL/VC] GTA VC Seter (Eng/Rus)


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I'm not the author of this tool and never contacted him. I just made English interface localization on request



GTA VC Seter - a full-fledged editor, menu and game interface HUD for GTA Vice City. With it, you can quickly change the color, text shadow, position, width, height, style, alpha channels as well as other parameters. Main look of editor share only 2 tabs: "Menu" and "HUD".

Windows contains the input field for the parameter settings and the colored squares are for setting colors. Clicking on this square box you receive a palette with which you can quickly pick up the color you want. Once the parameters are edited in a particular window click apply to save them. Also you can edit the game interface and menus in real time ie without restarting the game GTA Vice City, to do this select in options "debug mode using F5".


You can use ready-made templates that are located in the Templates. You can load them with a single click.

Also you can create your own templates. Just save your file under the desired name and then put it in the Templates.


Original Russian version

Localized English version 1.02 (you still need to download original Russian version 1.02 from link above)

Edited by Alt
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When I try to "patch" it from Russian to English, I put the patcher.exe in the same folder as the normal .exe in Editor and I start up the patcher; the file to be patched is "gtavc_seter.exe" and the name of the new (patched) file is also gtavc_seter.exe, which as both are there by default I believe is correct, then I click start and I get an error saying ""gtavc_seter.exe" is not the right file to patch ! (or wrong version) (while reading gtavc_seter.exe...)".

Both files aren't Read-Only, I tried unticking/ticking the create backup thing, having the patcher run as administrator (which is set to Run as Administrator by default anyway), tried making the "Name of new (patched) file" to a different name, but nothing seems to work.. Help?

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wow, this is a really good tool, would you mind doing it for gta3 too? dimzet13 has all the offsets belong to hud and menus, so you just need to make it compatible with gta3.

I think you should contact author of this tool here.


I click start and I get an error saying ""gtavc_seter.exe" is not the right file to patch ! (or wrong version) (while reading gtavc_seter.exe...)".

I don't know. All sounds right except Admin rights, weird that patcher requests it. Maybe you should move patcher + exe to another folder/drive because patcher can't find exe in your current. Anyway I re-uploaded archive, now it contains localized exe instead of respatch, I guess author will not mind.

Edited by Alt
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  • 4 years later...

How to change the load game colors? I can't seem to find options to edit that.

Tip: While Configuring Sound Configuration Menu,  the apply and cancel buttons are switched. so Apply is Cancel and vice versa. Just wanted to let y'all know because it really wasted a lot of my time to figure out.

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