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how would Niko view Michael, Trevor and Franklin and vice versa


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He'd get along well with Michael as both are professionals when it comes to crime in and out quick with as few bodies as possible. Niko would probably find his whining and complaining to be annoying as he has a mansion a family and got to escape the criminal life.


I could see him working for Trevor but Niko would see him as a crazier more dangerous version of Brucie and Eddie low. Niko would snark off to him a lot and warn him that his actions will make the area too hot





He'd probably get along well with Franklin as they both have a pragmatic level headed view of being criminals. 








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Michael: At first he would maybe be fine with him, but over time he would start to consider him a hypocrite and liar, his constant whining would get on his nerves and he would snap and start a shouting match. Who knows how that might end up.


Trevor: He would consider him a fool, his rage issues wouldn't scare him at all and he would break his arm as soon as he'd try to do something. That would impress Trevor and they would possibly form an alliance, until the moment Niko eliminates him for "making too much noise". 


Franklin: They wouldn't really talk too much I think and it'd be more of a business relationship. They might relate to their pasts, but Franklin would ignore Niko's horrible war experience and still cry about "wanting to leave the hood", much to Niko's annoyance. 


In short, I don't really think Niko would be best buddies with the V trio. Business relationship with some bumps? Yeah, but nothing more than that.

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Niko would say to:

Trevor - "Stop drinking that Gasoline you f*cking fool" and Trevor would loosehis control and tries to fight Niko but.. Niko breaks his arm off lol.

Micheal - "You have a Big House, but also you have a Smol Brain" and again .......... something would happen in Micheal House.

Franklin - as Franky is intelligent and Niko will not say anything to him and may be he'll treat Franky as his Son, and take him to Bowling Alley where Niko introduces Roman with Franklin and then Roman's Favorite Dialogue - "Heyyy Franklin, let's go Blowling Bowling"

just a thought came in my mind, dont take seriously lol.

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Franklin has a down to earth and somewhat cynical attitude and a sarcastic sense of humour, I think Niko would get on well with him. I don't think he'd have any time for Trevor's sh*t. And if he knew all about Michael I don't think he'd have much respect for him, and even if he didn't they really don't have anything in common so I doubt they'd be friends, although they could work together.

Edited by billiejoearmstrong8
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