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Can't buy anything, can't change clothes, can't start ramp



I just recently got Vice City from steam on my Windows 7 box, I didn't have any of the crash problems and I've been playing a pretty standard game. Then, seemingly at random, things stopped working.


1) I can't shop at any stores (Neither Ammu-Nation nor the tool stores). I can go in and the owner doesn't shoot at me, but there is no pink circle to stand in and buy stuff.


2) Some pink tokens, specifically rampages and clothing swaps, have stopped working. They pop out of existence when I touch them and then pop back without actually doing anything. (Clothing doesn't change my appearance or clear a wanted level, rampages don't start). Other tokens, like save points and police bribes, still work as intended.


Note: Both the tokens and stores used to work, and as I recall they didn't all stop working at once. At first the problem was only with the downtown Ammu-Nation, and then it spread to everywhere.


3) Despite having all of the following assets completed and generating money, I don't have the final mission unlocked:


Vercetti Mansion

Pole Position

Car Dealership

Movie Studio


Ice Cream Store

Kaufman Cabs


I'm beginning to wonder if my save game is corrupt (the pink circle is there when I start a new game), but if it is I can't figure out what I did to corrupt it. I have no mods installed, I've used no cheats and I avoided the Ice Cream save point.


Edit: Curse the maximum title length! It's supposed to read: Can't buy anything, can't change clothes, can't start rampages and can't finish the game.


On another note, I suspect I have at least one of the same bugs as this guy: http://gtaforums.com/topic/489916-cant-buy-guns-or-tools/

Edited by swmaniac

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If you think the issue is related to the game itself, try reinstalling.

If you think the issue is related to the Save Game, upload it and get somebody to check it for you :^:

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