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Interdiction Mission Fix for ANDROID



If you are also getting stuck on this mission when you reach that place on top of the hill where you have to protect your helicopter from other black helicopters and game hangs at that point then follow these steps

1. when game hangs, press the home button to minimize it
2. press the recent apps button and close GTASA from there by swiping up/to side
3. Launch gtasa again and this time resume game from main menu
4. The game will start from that position where you have to shoot those helis but the helis will not be there instead you can see them hovering over a small town nearby, so go and shoot them. ( be prepared for a two star wanted level or maybe more)
5. Another heli will appear high up in sky, shoot that too

And then the mission will continue the way it should, it will display 2 markers on map..a) blue marker on the top of the hill where u had to shoot the helis, you dont have to go there since its just showing a vehicle. b) a Green marker which will show the object which u have to pickup, so go there and pick it up then you will have to drop it to ghost town and mission complete :)

Note: I kinda feel short of memory with the 2 marker thing, the green marker should be near the sea on top of Abandoned airstrip, so if its not there just go to the blue marker and take the vehicle and then it will ask you to head to the green marker.

The credits goes to this guy : http://support.rockstargames.com/hc/communities/public/questions/200650598-manage-to-kill-T-bone-here-is-the-next-earth-shattering-massive-bug

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5 answers to this question

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Well, this fix doesn't work me for since my San Andreas isn't creating a checkpoint save on the top of the hill..


Anyone got any other ideas?


Tried a work-around with a minigun, but it got frozen too. Besides, a wasn't able to hit the helis with the minigun, anyway. :p

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lil weasel

Interdiction should be using the HEAT Missile launcher from either:

Between the fuel tanks at the San Fierro Airport (jump to the gate house roof to gain entry. The gate will open from the inside if the vehicle isn't parked to close to the gate).


In the Pueblo Ruins on the hill east of El Quad Sheriff's Station.

(My opinion is The 'Mini-Gun' is a 'cute' weapon but not suitable for most game play missions.)


Take the Maverick helicopter while you're at it. Much easier than driving to the mission.

Edited by lil weasel

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Well, that still doesn't fix the problem.

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Well, guess what... after trying one more time this solution worked!!!


I resumed at the top of the hill. No blue marker, but that didn't matter.


I stumbled upon one problem: I shot one helicopter down and the red marker didn't go away. The second one worked perfectly.

After that didn't work a couple of times I let the cops kill me (2-star indeed) and revived upon the hill each time.


I shot the helicopters with another weapon, so they'd come down. Then shoot them.

The rest worked perfectly.



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lil weasel

Re spawned at the location? That's something new. Is that a feature on the Mobile Devices, as in the normal game the respawn should have been at Katie's house... or the medical centre?


by the way, if you have more information to add/change/delete from/to a post that has been unanswered, Please use the EDIT feature rather than double post.

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