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Any suggestions for deliveries


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I got to level seven, got real close and just plum ran outta time. This happened 3 times now, and I can't get any further.


Antone have any thoughts on how to do this? Like, best place to deliver from, or shortcuts?


Any help will be hallacool. Thanks!

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I do the one from Downtown. I did it like 2nd try. Just don't wipe out or get busted and the time shouldn't matter too much. ;)

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Make sure you don't waste pizza's. If you throw one and it misses the person, push it over to them until they get it.

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Get close and slow while you're dropping your pizzas.  If you're not going to hit the person, try and get the pizza in their line of sight, not behind them.


Use the map to figure out your best route.


Start heading north before the yellow markers start appearing.


Steer properly (d'uh!;).  Falling off the scooter eats into valuable time.


If you have say five pizzas to deliver to the north of the restaurant and two to the south, do the north ones first, and then throw away your remaining pizza - that way when you pass the restaurant you can pick up a new load and won't have to make a wasted journey back to it.

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I did it on the first island, and always used the map to plan my route.  I started with the deliveries that were furthest away first.

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