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After downloading google earth...

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A new tab pops up every time I click on a link, and there seems to be more advertisements appearing at the bottom of my screen. Anyone know how I can fix this? I am thinking about uninstalling it.

Edited by darkwar854

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I have had google earth for years theres never been no weird ads at the bottom. I recommend uninstalling and re-installing.

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I did too on my other computer. That's why I'm confused.

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Did you download from the official website? Sounds like you've got it from a 3rd party who have installed some sh*tty adware along with it.

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It might not have anything to do with Google Earth but with something you already had on your system and Google Earth just happens to be triggering it.

Just get and run a good anti-ad/spyware programs. I suggest MalwareBytes, Spybot 1.6.2 (I'm not happy with v2.x) and let them each scan your system for bad things.

Then to add protection for the future Spybot has an immunize feature that will block out known nasty websites. And to go along with that add SpywareBlaster which adds a few 1000 more sites to block out.

Then to help clean out whatever was left behind by the nasty let CCleaner registry cleaner remove the crap. When it goes to remove the registry junk it will ask if you want to save the entries as a backup; do it, just in case something goes sideways which I personally have never had happen with CCleaner. CCleaner will also clean out junk files as well, so let it do that, it can't (shouldn't) hurt, and you might be amazed how much drive space you get back.

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