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Looking for a Crew

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Hi Guys,


I've been playing GTA 5 online for a few days now and looking for a crew to join up.


As I'm new I'm still learning the ropes and would much appreciated to join a crew who are willing to help me out please and also have fun at the same time.


I'm 34, from UK. Play mostly evenings for a few hours between the family commitments and Work.


Currently at level 10 on GTA.


Oh yes I play on XBox 360 and my gametag is ForbiddenSumo.


Rockstar social club id - marcust127



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Me and my mate made a crew called BL4CK D3ATH. It is only me and him just messing about. This isn't a serious crew but me and him are good at the game. We have come up with a cool crew outfit too. If you want to join just give us a shout.


My GT: DripZ Assassin


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Hey Brother. Welcome to the GTA Online World.


iRegulate MC (Regulators) are currently Expanding if you want to join.

We are a motorcycle club that looks out for each other.

-Have the Los Santos 1% Patch!

-We free roam together.

-Do missions

-Races, death matches, or whatever it is we're here to have fun with you and help you.

-We Merc as well. This means if someone is willing to pay we will converge on someone.

It also means we help those that are stuck on certain missions or anything.

My GT is Traumaplate91.

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Crew: BL4CK D3ATH - http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/bl4ck_d3ath

Leader: DripZ Assassin


Platform: Xbox 360


I am the leader of the BL4CK D3ATH Xbox 360 Crew.

We are a mercenary crew currently looking for more members.

To join message the leader or co-leader.


Main Points:

  • Look out for each other
  • Have a crew mercenary outfit
  • Fun free roaming
  • Will spawn kill people for a price
  • Strong, skilled and friendly leaders
  • Take part in LTSs, Team Deathmathces and Races as a crew


In short, we are the overlords of the server. A team of highly skilled mercenaries to keep the peace.

Edited by DripZ Assassin
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I'm VP of an MC called Disposable Heroes MC. Message me or Kokokajoe on social club for recruitment. We are a realistic MC and you will have to earn your way up to wearing a patch.

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