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San Andreas Stories: Official Roleplay || [PS3 || GTA:V/O


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Playstation Events Presents...



Welcome to San Andreas, a state known for it's beautiful weather, women, and nightlife...but of course there's the gangs of Central LS, the Meth dealers in Blaine County, and the best bullsh*t artists' in the country. You might've been a big-shot in Liberty City but here, things are different. It doesn't matter if you have all the power in the world, or you're known as the most feared and murderous around, people will rip anybody off to get some coin, so be very precautious.

You think you have what it takes to survive in this town? If you say yes... then you're full of yourself, but prove me wrong and become the big-shot kingpin you strive to be then I'll be very impressed.

Well, good luck. You'll need it.




Lone Criminal

You need to be ruthless and be able to handle anything by yourself. Win money anyway you can and be well-equipped, you being by yourself, your defense is very low. But if you can pull all that off then you're golden.


As a leader, lead your gang right and not to the ground. Have total control over them, don't slip, trust them to have your back whenever sh*t goes down. Run businesses and territory and show your flag using your clothing. Of course it's up to you to use gang colored clothing but it would sure show people where they don't belong.

As a member, you must contribute your strength and skills to the gang and be trustworthy. Of course, there are always that one member who sees the bigger picture and goes behind the gangs back, hopefully you're not that person.

Drug Trafficker

Simple process, buy some drugs and sell them at half price but you can go with your own style. Go from corner dealer to kingpin selling by kilos and living the high life in Rockford Hills but not every kingpin is the same. Drugs bring a lot of heat so you'll have to pay off the cops to get off your back or to take out your competition. Isn't drugs great?


Ummm... work and don't get killed, I guess? Maybe when things get a bit tough like you're on lay-off or your rent is due you have not one cent, you do some dirty work to maintain yourself. But that is optional of course.


Protect and serve is your motto. Patrol the streets and rid the town of any crime the best you can. Remain strong and honest because criminal's can corrupt your mind like nothing.



1. When someone is pointing their firearm at you, you must act scare unless you are carrying protection weapon you can defend yourself with. Until you do get a protection weapon, it's your choice to run or fight an armed man with your fists.

2. Randomly killing someone is not acceptable. You must have a solid reason to engage in such action. Examples for serious reasons: "He tried to kill me so I defended myself" or " He owed the Boss a lot of money so we gave him his last receipt.. Examples of wrong reasons: "I was bored" or "He gave me a dirty look".

3. Your character will have Nine lives, after the nine lives your character will be considered dead. No revenge killing please. After your character is dead you must make a new character and that can be a hassle sometimes so try not to die some many times.

4. No zig-zag when being shot at. This is about realism which not many people are fans of.

5. You can have family relatives and girlfriends and wives. They do not have to be an actual characters necessarily.



A common question often heard in San Andreas. I'll tell how to survive, just go with your instincts. If your character is a person who is involved in criminal activities then what the hell but make sure your crimes are at a controllable rate. Remember, you do not want to be a victim, be as intimidating as possible so nobody messes with you. Make sure you're in friendly territory because if caught in enemy turf, you better hope you came heavily armed.



Unlike Life in Liberty and Bikes, Beer, & Booty, insurance isn't a big thing in this RP. If your vehicles are insured by Mors Mutual then that is as far as we go in insurance, at least for now.



Either join a gang or create one but there will be a limit in this RP. There will be gangs from the story line listed as gangs in the RP and you're more than welcome to join them. They will be listed below with their turf.

The Families
Chamberlain Gangster Family
- Chamberlain Hills, Los Santos
Carson Ave. Family - Carson Ave, Strawberry, Los Santos
Forum Gangster Family - Forum Drive, Strawberry, Los Santos

The Ballas

Los Santos Ballas - Grove St, Davis, Los Santos

The Vagos

Los Santos Vagos - Jamestown St, Rancho, Los Santos

Varrios Los Aztecas

Los Santos VLA - West Vinewood, Los Santos

Marabunta Grande

Los Santos Marabunta Grande - El Burro Heights, Los Santos

The Madrazo Cartel

Madrazo Cartel - Vinewood Hills, Los Santos

Armenian Mafia

Los Santos Armenian Mob - La Puerta, Los Santos

Korean Crime Syndicate

Los Santos Korean Mob - Little Seoul, Los Santos

Chinese Criminal Organization

Los Santos Triads - Little Seoul, Los Santos

The Lost Brotherhood

Blaine County Chapter Lost MC - Stab City, Blaine County

Los Santos Chapter Lost MC - East Vinewood, Los Santos





Businesses are a bit different here. In order to run a business you have to buy it with credit finance which is basically a separate bank account for only business use. You can buy businesses with that credit if you have enough and if you want to add funds, simply subscribe to the account and the bank will add funds monthly according to your income. The businesses will be listed below along with their weekly income and property price.

Retail & Store
24/7 - $3,500/$182,000
Ammu-Nation - $152,200/$7,305,600
Blazing Tattoo - $5,000/$260,000
Eclipse Liquor and Deli - $3,000/$156,000
Ink Inc. - $6,500/$338,000
Limited Service - $4,700/$244,400
Liquor Ace - $14,500/$754,000
Liquor Market - $25,000/$1,300,000
Reb's Liquor - $62,000/$3,224,000
Sub-Urban - $50,000/$2,600,000
T-Shirts XXS-XXXL - $25,000/$1,300,000
Vangelico - $86,000/$4,472,000
Vespucci Surfing - $28,000/$1,456,000







Business Owner


Bus Driver [bus routes coming soon]

Car Dealer

Car Mechanic

Film Director

Pilot [Pilot License required]

Private Investigator



Stunt Driver


Construction Worker


Police Officer




Illegal Street Racer




Drug Dealer

Arms Dealer

Gang Member


Underground Fighter




Coming Soon






Edited by Playstation_Events
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