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The craziest sh1t you've ever seen


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Post here the craziest thing you've seen or heard on VC.


-I was driving around in a Deluxo and it caught on fire so i bailed out, it hit a cop car and both cars blew up and caused a chain of explosions and after it stoped a Sanchez (Dirt bike) came flying through the air over the reckage and the guy got off and beat me up. :/


-I was in the Malibu and on the stage the guys(supposed to be the Village People i think) all started fighting each other. The cop pulled out a gun and the construction worker had a hammer and me being the peace keeper i am i tossed up a cocktail and they all caught on fire! :)

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This happened at my friends house...cause sadly I dont own the game.


-I was doing a wheelie(lmfao I cant do them long at all) and I car came speeding around a corner.  My bike hit the car I flipped off and the bike went and hit a ped, then the car just went speeding off and at the next corner a it hit another car, it rolled over and smashed a ped.

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i was leaving the airport by jumping the fence in a stinger, and i decided to bail in mid jump.  the car was partly sideways, and when i got out it put me on top of the car (like it tends to do when you're sideways), but the car stayed in mid air.  I jumped off and ran around it a couple times, and took a couple pictures.





when i hit triangle to get back in, once he closed the door the car fell to the ground.

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