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Voting for Ludendorff's Backstory

Ludendorff Backstory  

15 members have voted

  1. 1. Which of these entries do you like?

    • Onett's?
    • universetwisters?
    • Empty World's?
    • mnmn1234

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Hey there. So in case you didn't know there's a topic all about discussing North Yankton. The guy who runs the topic WildBrick and a couple of others write an unofficial Ludendorff newspaper and there's a competition going on for a backstory for the town. So far 4 entries have come in which I'll be posting here for you folks to vote on. The competition ends on Jan.10 so get voting!




'Ludendorff Weekly Was first printed in 1980 To Help put out news of random Events that hit the town. Although Ludendorff Weekly was never a official paper Slowly but surly Ludendorff Weekly Become More read ever week. The Former Paper, Ludendorff Daily was out of business in 1988. Nothing Really changed about the paper until 2003, when bobcat Bank and security co Was Robbed By Trevor Phillps and Michel townly and Bradley Sider. Ludendorff Weekly then add the first 2 page paper. Put in 2013 Ludendorff Weekly went though a overhaul final being viewable onlline. But with this change Many Writers Quit. Leaving Only Wildbrick And Raccoon. Though in 2013 they hired a writer, mnmn1234 who was the worst writer this side of Ludendorff river! After Many Months Ludendorff Weekly got a office in Ludendorff, and raised the price. Then It was now.





Ludendorff was founded in 1945 by Wilhelm Ludendorff, the illegitimate son of Erich Ludendorff, who was a German explorer who decided to go to America in 1945, having explored every part of Germany that wasn't bombed out or overrun by Nazis. Upon arrival in Liberty City, he traveled westwards to North Yankton, where he heard that gold was discovered. After arriving at a field in the northern part of North Yankton accompanied by his friends from Germany, he came to the conclusion that there was no gold, and signed a peace treaty with the local Native Americans, stating that the land will forever be theirs. The treaty was promptly broken five minutes later, however, when a member of Wilhelm's party discovered oil. Wilhelm promptly forced all the Native Americans onto a nearby reservation and claimed the land as his own, naming it "Ludendorff" and founding a town on it.
The town was slow to start, considering it's isolated location. However, it produced sufficient oil and as a result, flourished economically during the early 1950s, eventually becoming built up with suburban "split-level traps" surrounding it and many businesses coming into town to take advantage of the oil boom. For example, Gary Pollack opened up the well-acclaimed "Pollack Theater" along Ludendorff's main street, Cavalry Blvd., and the Ludendorff Wood Supply, after having a successful business record since it's incorporation, celebrated their 20th anniversary in 1973 by constructing a giant beaver on the outskirts of town to welcome visitors, or as of more recently, keep out visitors.
However, as a consequence of the oil shortage in middle east during the 1970s, Ludendorff began exporting oil all across America in bulk, but it wasn't enough to keep the town itself afloat economically, and since the 1980s, the town fell into an economic slump. With the oil pumped in Ludendorff not enough to keep the town on it's feet, and the town's government ended up putting pressure on local farmers to triple their farming quota to keep the town alive. Unfortunately, this wasn't enough to keep the town's economy booming, and as a result, Ludendorff had to sell of it's police department and after a lengthy legal process finally ending in the spring of 1993, Ludendorff was downgraded to an unincorporated community, eventually having to rely on neighboring towns for trade and the Fitzgerald County Sheriff for security.
Today, Ludendorff is the crown jewel of the great plains, an oil town - turned dying town - turned glorified suburb. Ludenforff fine place to retire or start a family, or simply drive through and be glared at by the locals if you're unlucky enough to be driving down the backroads of North Yankton.




So, Ludendorff was founded in 1945 by five Germans who wanted to strike it big in America after they failed in Germany. However, they couldn't decide on a name, so one poker game and four headshots later, P.V Ludendorff (brother of General Ludendorff) named the town Ludendorff!


During the 50's he grew the town up to be a sleepy town on the border of Canada and had a population of 314. This all changed in the summer of '55. Some kid wandering around found gold, told his old man and he started digging. Soon Ludendorff became a modern day gold town, with people even coming to town from Florida. The town's industry grew and took off. P.V Ludendorff even gave a bit of gold to the Canadian town of Pilgrim and in turn they gave the statue of a giant beaver.


That was until the 80's. The gold mine soon dried up and everyone soon fled. Hell, even old man Ludendorff died of a heart attack. Soon Ludendorff dried up of human life leaving only 918 people left in it. The only noteworthy places are Pollock Cinema and the Bleeder Burger. The town even couldn't afford it's own police force cutting it loose in 1997 and then having to rely on the North Yankton State Patrol.



Empty World's



Once upon the time, far far away. There was a place in the State of North Yankton, isolated from the civilization. The son of Erich Ludendorff, Johaim Ludendorff failed to invade New York and got put in POW camp. In 1944, he has escaped the camp and went west. With no money or food, he was hopeless. He ended up in the middle of North Yankton in a blistering cold. Until he found a little village of hospitable Native Americans, which helped him get back on his feet and provided with a tepee. Of course Johaim couldn't live like this forever, so he had to find a quick way to take control and get back things to normal. Johaim was a brilliant scientist so he went up north looking for natural sources that he could make money on. After crossing a Canadian border, his instincts were telling him that something is here. So he started digging deep, natural gas shoots up and sets him on fire, however he quickly extinguished the fire by laying on the snow. Later he made a deal with Natives to invest in drilling rigs and start selling natural gas.

A year later, village started growing into a little town with money flowing in. Natives were so thankful that they let Johaim rule them and call the town Ludendorff, which successfully claimed town rights. Town started importing more and more workers which later resided with their family in Ludendorff. One day Ludendorff went exploring in the woods where he found an innocent beaver that was hurt. He felt sorry for him and decided to take it home and take care of it, it was the biggest beaver he has ever seen in his life. Beavers were very hard-working and so were the citizens of Ludendorff. Which made Johaim to make it the town's mascot and the home of Mid West's biggest beaver. In the 60's Ludendorff had its economic boom. A lot of business were opened. The Pollock Theater had its best movies that were bringing a lot of tourists just to watch one of their shows. In the 1970's Bill Petty a close friend of Johaim has opened up an elegant Cafe that had the best dinners under the sun and brought the whole town together. In 1980, Ludendorff had hit its peak population. Population of 1,200.

However, Ludendorff's good will wouldn't last forever. In 1989, town went through it's worse times. Their gas factory had an accident in which Johaim Ludendorff died of suffocation. It was shut down and a lot of businesses went bankrupt. Also, the criminal rate has gone up with people like; Phil the Home Thief, Piotr the Pedophile, or Shaynaynay the Car Thief. Everyone forgot about the route 696 which led to Ludendorff and most people were moving out. Although, the town was going downhill. In 2005, Klaus Bismarck, the new mayor of the town has found a way to improve things by trading, but it still hasn't recover to how it was before.

As of today, Ludendorff has a lot lower criminal rate and things are improving. Tourists love to stay in the Banner Hotel for the night when they go skiing in the nearby mountains.


Edited by Onett

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Empty World

So, I guess universetwisters won. Congratulations! Will his story be featured in the upcoming Ludendorff's weekly?

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Mokrie Dela

Seeing as how this is a competition that has ended, and has had zero replies up until now, and is related to another topic, of which is not posted in the WD, I'm considering this topic redundant and therefore locking it. Congrats to whoever won, and feel free to post whatever works of fiction you write that come from this in this section.

Edited by Mokrie Dela

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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