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Any paranormal experiences?

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Dr. John

I can always see a shadow in my kitchen at night which looks exactly like Slederman. Apparently, it's my fridge which looks like that. Goodness, I always pleaded to mother to change that fridge model. I think it has a bad omen. Help! :*(

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I'm not sure if this is classed as paranormal but it sure is freaky:


Crying boy painting curse (Link)


My mother owned a copy of the painting way back when and was told to destroy it, which she did, with a hammer even though she loved it.

Edited by ChopTheDog.

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I had an experience a few weeks back. Not really paranormal but sh*t scary to say the least. Me and my parents were travelling to my grandmothers place in Howlong, a border town between new south wales and Victoria, Australia.

we were travelling behind my aunt and cousin on a seemingly deserted country road.


We went around a bend onto this dead straight road that further down went through a forest. the part we were travelling on went through fields. Then we saw someone, a hitch hiker with long grey hair and a pony tail wearing a fluro jacket. as we travelled towards him he was moving across the road towards us, like he wanted to get hit. It was like a scene from a horror movie. Needless to say, it was pretty scary.

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Gnocchi Flip Flops

I have a gameroom and that is where the big TV, games, surround sound, etc are and I play my games in here. Well the room isn't exactly a closed off room, there is a long banister in the back of this "room" and behind the banister is stairs. At the top you'll hit the master bedroom first, the gameroom is to the left and visible, and the bathroom and rooms are to the right.


Well, when I am home alone and playing the game, sometimes the cats walk up to me like they usually do. But when I am alone in the house, they almost always look behind me towards the wall as if they see somebody standing there. When I turn around, nothing is there. When I face the TV again, the cats are only looking at me.


Strange thing is, sometimes their heads will move slowly as if somebody is moving in the back, and when I put my hand in front of their faces or slightly shove them, they still only focus on what is "moving" in the back. No flies, no nothing is in the house to be able to cause that. :dontgetit:

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RedBull FM

I had experiences on a TV Movie called Paranormal Activity. Does that count?

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