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GTA Online Racing Guide


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***Ok. Apparently I have violated the non-existent "categorization of posting rule" so it shall be posted here. So please, for whoever is reading this, please put it in the right section because there are some fastidious folks on here who take the posting in the right section extremely serious. So please, learn from my mistake. But anyway...



Based on what I have experienced on GTA Online with the racing, here are a few things that I have picked up and concluded:


- Now a number of players, of course have probably bought an Adder or Entity as their Super racing car. That is what I have seen mostly whenever I race when it comes to the Super Cars. For those who like the Infernus, Vacca, Bullett, Cheetah and Voltic, you do not want to compete with the Entity or Adder on the "straight shot" tracks such as the 'Route 68' or 'The Commute'. Those two God Cars are made for that type of racing. I am quite sure you have seen the end result of races on those tracks and more than likely you will see 1st place: Adder/Entity 2nd place: Entity/Adder and so on.


- Is that to say you can not buy the Cheetah and friends or make use of them?? Of course you can. However, if you want to win or improve your win numbers or you just like seeing your guy do the rock, middle finger, or jerk when the race is over, here is what I have concluded.. and it starts with your garage:


1) Based on my observation, most races are probably either Super, Sport, Motorcycles, and sometimes the others. You have a ten car garage and again this is for those who are into the racing, the breakdown of the garage could look something like this:


2 Supers

2 Sports

1 Muscle

1 Motorcycle

1 Sedan

1 Coupe


1 Off-road or Compact


2) NOW, this is pure opinion based on my analysis. Because you could actually have just 1 super lets say an Entity. BUT BUT BUT, lets say okay, I dont like the Adder or the Entity. I want a custom Vacca and/or Cheetah. My opinion, Rockstar apparently made the latter cars for the maps such as 'Graveyard Shift' and 'Thrills in the Hills' even when they are maxed out or customed to your liking. IF you do take that route, and you WANT to win, there is no possible way of you playing on the tracks 'The Commute' or 'Route 68' with those cars. You already know what the other 15 or whatever number will have at the starting line. Which also comes to my next straightforward tip.


3) It pretty much boils down to your racing style. What is your preference??


4) These are some other random things you want to take into consideration as well:


1) The Drifting

2) The type of race (What Kind of track)

3) Will their be a lot of crashing? (I think we all know some can't help but to play destruction derby every time they race)

4) Type of Car


- This guide may be pretty sucky but I just thought I would contribute something that I have thought about it and experienced. There may be plenty of holes in this guide but that is what this place is for. SHOOT I need help too!! Lol. And again, this is not concrete but this is based on my experience. Many of you will probably agree or disagree which is cool. But this is just me contributing something to the GTA community for those who want to have fun..and win.

Edited by CrazyV202
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