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Crashing on Android



VC crashes when entering the "Guardian Angels" mission - Tommy walks to Colonel's boat gate, screen turns black for a while and the mission name appears, and then all ambient noises stop and game crashes.

I remember having the same problem when the game came out, just with the Back Alley Brawl mission but seems that Some patch has fixed it. Now I'm desperate as no performance tweaks suggested throghiut throughout the forums help and R* already moved on with support to ignoring complaints on recently released San Andreas.


Does anyone have any tips how to fix this? Or if anyone managed to fix the quite common problem with the Back Alley Brawl, any feedback should be helpful

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5 answers to this question

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What device are you running on??


Have you reinstalled the game.


Any mods???


What performance tweaks are you referring to?? I posted a bunch a while back --


In summary...


IMO the best way to free up resources--- reduce all your graphics settings (dynamic shadows, draw distance, resolution)--- Save the game and exit then restart the device. Turn on airplane mode right after starting up. if your device has the abilty to limit the number of processes (this would be in settings under developer tools) that would probably help a alot as you can tell it to run only 1 or 2 processes at a time.


If all else fails-- post a save n play request.

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Sorry, totally forgot about mentioning device: I have Samsung Galaxy S2, Android 4.1.2., no mods.

These are exactly the kinds of tweaks I meant, that's why I don't think the bug is performance related, no settings, both in game and in system, seem to affect it in any way.

And I've tried a saved game from a friend back when having the issue with Back Alley Brawl and the game crashed in the same manner only a couple of missions later.

As I forgot to mention, I believe the problem is specific to i9100 models and was kinda hoping that someone who had the same problem managed to fix it, and just forgot to write the solution - I'm definitely not the only one having the same problem.

PS: haven't tried reinstall yet as my bandwidth sux, but it didn't have any effect last time

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I would try the Reinstall... Be sure to backup your saves as I've read of peoples saves being deleted on an uninstall.


Obviously get on wifi for the download... Is quite big.


Not sure if you know but the game runs off of a compressed OBB file on android. I read in the modding section you can unzip the OBB file and run it directly but i believe the OBB file must still be present so you are looking at the game taking up quite a bit of device storage. I only mention this as it might improve performance and this is not widely known.... I would try the Reinstall first.

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Thank you for the tips, suppose I'll try it out tommorow in a café.. :)

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If you want to check out the VC mobile modding thread-- is located here--- http://gtaforums.com/topic/536760-gta-vice-city-mobile-modding/


Read the first post to see where you should extract the files.... it is weird in that the files that are put in the indicatated folder "overwrite" the ones in the OBB file that the game normally runs off of...


So say you want to mod the game-- you only have to put the modified file(s) in the correct folder (folder sub structure) for them to work....


I haven't triied to many of the PC mods on VC for mobile-- the only one that I tried that worked straight away was illspirits "northern lights mod" that puts a colorful and extremely bright light over every package/ramapage that has not been found yet http://gtaforums.com/topic/536760-gta-vice-city-mobile-modding/?p=1063132282


Anyway-- as mentioned before--just extracting the files and putting them in the indicated folder might make the game run better....

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