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Active or Passive Speakers for gaming

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*please take it to appropriate section of the forums board*

Firstly, this is strictly regarding gaming only and not to involve other categories where speakers are used as well.

Nope, I do not use headsets that much only on occasions. Use speakers most of the time while playing

I have a basic understanding of the differences, namely, passive speakers lack a built-in amplifier while active speakers have a built-in amplifier
For most gaming requirements, what type particularly affects the experience for good, like with a good sound card which speakers can bring out game sounds and music to a better output quality.
Also, why the vast majority of speakers sold are active?
I have very limited knowledge about them so it would be good to have replies with more details putting in layman's terms.
Edited by Osho

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The answer is neither and/or both.


As your rightly point out, passive speakers don't have a built-in amplifier. However what you don't mention is that passive speaker still need an amplifier in order to actually work. So if you want to use passive speakers, you've gotta have an amp too. Now, all else being equal, a set of bookshelf active speakers with an integrated amplifier is going to be slightly inferior at audio reproduction, particularly at high volumes, just by virtue of the size of the speaker and amp. But passive speakers and a decent amp will almost always be much more expensive for the same quality product.


The majority of computer speakers are sold as active for two reasons- most people don't have space on their desk for a full-sized amplifier and most people don't want to bother of having to set up an amplifier and just want a plug-and-play solution. In an ideal world an amp and passive speakers is a better system for all kinds of audio reproduction but actives are more convenient and more cost-effective, and the difference between a good set of passives and a good amp, and a good set of actives, in actual gaming use, is negligible. Not so negligible in music reproduction but definitely in gaming and films.

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