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TF Bumblebee03

[360] Official 2014 LSRA (Los Santos Racing Association)

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TF Bumblebee03

Los Santos Racing Association


Welcome race fans! The LSRA is now going to be accepting racers to compete in racing across Los Santos and Blaine County. Make your own race team (GTAO Crews), join a race team, or race as a privateer. There will be different seasons of racing throughout 2014. Each season will last about 3-5 months. I have preassembled different possible classes to race in. A schedule will be released soon of all the races. Enter your team or player in the following format:


Race team (not required):

Gamer Tag:


Your race car:



Race Teams

Race teams will be formed by anyone who wishes to make one. You will make one via social club crews with your own emblem and colors. You can enter your race team by replying below.




- Must have your own cars (can be supplied by your crew/team or bought on your own)

- Mod classes can have any upgrades you have unlocked. Stock classes is a stock car with no upgrades at all.(Colors are allowed)

- When you sign up, you will get a racing license. This can be taken back at any time if you get suspended.

- Try to keep the racing as clean as possible (no crashing, ranting, etc)

- Must sign up as a reply to this post in order to race.

- Racing team is not required to race in any race class.




As of right now, there is no entry fee. This may change at the beginning of any season. The fee will be no more than $100,000 for the whole season. Winner of the season gets money based on there points. You may enter more than one car but take not that when we add entry fees, you will have to pay for each car.





You will earn points by winning races. You get a certain amount of points depending on what place you get. The racer with the most points at the end of the season, claims the championship for that season. If a player does not show up for a race, they get an automatic 0 for that race.


1st place = 10 pts

2nd place = 8 pts

3rd place = 7 pts

4th place = 5 pts

5th place = 4 pts

6th place or lower = 3 pts.


Points will be kept on a website for everyone to see (working on it)





I will update this post with racing teams names and GT's





Classes will be based of the car and type of car. Below are some of the classes that are planned to be racing.


Grand Prix:


Class 1 = Mod sports car

Class 1s = Stock sports car

Class 2 = Mod sports classic

Class 2s = Stock sports classic

Class 3 = Mod super car

Class 3s = Stock super car.

Class 4 = Grotti Carbonizzare (Ferrari California) [stock or mod]

Class 5 = Pegassi Bati 801 (rr), Dinka Double T and/or Nagasaki

Carbon RS




Class 6 = Mod Karin Rebel or Vapid Sandking (XL or SWB)

Class 6s = Stock Karin Rebel or Vapid Sandking (XL or SWB)

Class 7 = Maibatsu Sanchez




Class 8 = Drift car (Futo, Sultan RS, Sabre Turbo, Ruiner)


Drag Racing:


Class 9 = Any drag car (Must confirm with LSRA) (Phoenix is






I will be looking for some people to join the committee. Some will be assigned to certain classes. If you would like to possibly join, pm me on the forums.

Edited by TF Bumblebee03

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Tentative interest.


Two things:


1. What's the scoop on the racing itself? Is there a theme? How are the events run? What kind of rules will govern the actual race? What sort of scope are we talking, weekend long events with qualifying and whatnot, extended playlists, heats, homebrew human eyeball judged drift competitions? Other?


2. I think the vital information required to participate should be available here. I get having the more in depth conversations, planning, etc somewhere else. The core things like scoring ought to be kept here, or perhaps in a hosted document somewhere. Call me old fashioned but it never smells right to me when I have to sign up at some random third party site to participate in something like this. If you have a strong reason to think there's value in it, you should lay that out so folks like me know about it.

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I agree with the old man, there are some core elements seem to require some more attention. But on the whole this sounds like it could really be fun, if organized properly. If this does pick up I'd like to see how it turns out.

Edited by ringtone7

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FhM Pestilence

I think this is a nice idea. Maybe getting RRR to back it would be a good idea.

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o Mr Punchy o

Race team (not required):Team name: Team Legion

Members: o Mr Punchy o, o Mr Spec ops o, xLs DeViLzZz (Xbox GT's)

Gamer Tag: o Mr Punchy o

Class(es):Class 1, Class 2, Class 3s, Class 5 , Class 6

Your race cars: Me: Rapid GT, Rebel xLs DeViLzZz: JB 700, Entity o Mr Spec ops o: Bati, Rebel

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Yeah. This still needs some work, but hopefully Apex will be there!

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Hey pips trying to make a car meet so hit me up if you want in

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