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100% completion quetion

Cabbage Patch

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Cabbage Patch

I just beat vice city and collected 100 packages then looked at a faq to see what else I can do in the game and i read in the faq that you can only get 99% if you have used a cheat and saved. I need to know if this is true cause i used the golf cart cheat to complete the sunshine autos list and i will have to start a new game if i cannot get 100%.

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\ GrAnD THeFt /

Probably not. I know people who cheated and can only get 99 hidden packages, let alone 100% complete.

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Cabbage Patch

well if getting all the packages is the only thing i need to worry about then i should be able to get 100% because i already collected all the packages. Something wierd happened when i beat the shooting range to get fast reload, after i went to save it said cheats have been activated are you sure you want to save but i didn't do anything other than play the shooting range game, why is this happening?

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Cabbage Patch

that's the thing i didn't use any cheats i loaded my game, did the shooting range mission then went back to my hideout and saved when it told me cheats have been activated.

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There was something i read in a cheats site that said if you use cheats you cannot get 100%. so you can only get 99%

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I have used lots of cheats and gotten 100% and those people who get 99 packages missed 1 somewhere and can't find it, why would packages just disapear, it makes no sense at all, i think your friend with 99 packages needs to go over every spot again till they find it

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