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[Need Help] About GTA 1 Gameplay

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Hey folks !


I begun the GTA series with the 3D universe, but before moving on to HD titles I want to play down all GTA titles in their chronologic order, to somehow re-live the 2d to 3D moment.


So I downloaded GTA 1, but I have some problems with the gameplay, I read about it on some websites, but the gameplay is so different from the titles I played.


I have a few questions :


Has the game a storyline ? I mean you can perform missions, but how can you "finish" the game ? Like in the newer titles by completing the missions or reaching a specific amount of points ?


How many points do I need to change the city ? How can I save my progress ?

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To finish it you just amass an amount of money iirc

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Pause the game (F6 on PC) to see how much money you need before the end of level arrow appears. It also says how many missions and secrets there are on that level. GTA1 doesn't let you save after missions, it just auto saves when you pass a whole level/city. It barely has a story since it's meant to be an arcade style game.

Edited by Sektor

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So I have to complete entire liberty city to continue ? What is the end of level arrow ? (sorry just began playing, therefore I'm a bit lost)


What about the points ? I have some score with a charachter I previously played, what is this score good for ?


EDIT : Do I have to find all the secrets and finish all missions to move on or is gaining the 1000000 points enough ?


PS : Is it normal that aiming with the pistol is so difficult 0_0

Edited by Spadge007

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To complete first episode of Liberty City (as there are two) you need one million points (or cash), gained by any means necessary. You can do it via missions, secrets, rampages, etc. You need to do it on one gameplay as there is no save (unlocked chapters are yours).


Aiming with the pistol can be hard judging by the fact that there is no aiming at all.

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Ahh memories of the car crusher. They should have put one in V lol

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To say that you have finished this game you need to finish all levels, which means getting the required scores in all levels except the 4th (Tequila Slammer) where you can just drive to the exit straight away. I think 1 Mio. in the first level, then 2 Mio. in the next two, 3 Mio. in the next two and 5 Mio. in the last are the scores required.


Also you don´t actually need to do any missions to complete a level. You can get a lot of cars together and blow them up or use other glitches. Look



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Ok. I would like to do the missions, but some are hidden and difficult to find, you ain't even have a interactive city map ... :/


I'mma do as many missions as I can, If I still lack of points I will do this glitch, thank for the heads up guys !

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How does he get 3 million crashing all the cars ? I'm doing the same but only getting like 200.000 .... :facedesk:

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Spadge007, you need to park them carefully, the cars need to be close to each other. They also might despawn if you get too much cops or are too far away.


If you want to do the missions, the car missions are usually faster to do and easier and they get you a multiplier too. There are additionally multipliers you can pick up or which you get as a bonus collectable after completing a certain mission.


Another thing, Kill Frenzies aka Secrets are a nice way to get cash after you have like 4 or more multipliers, since you will pass them probably by just blowing up one car and get instantly lots of cash.


Maps are in this topic!

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