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Rate the Character Above You Thread


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He looks pretty cool too bad I can't see the eyes, 8/10 nevertheless.

7/10, Looks normal, proportionate and friendly and kinda like a girl I dated in high school.








a few more pics here











Edited by BelowMe
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Looks like a punk tatooist/professional DJ. I like it. 10/10.

My main character; a cop wrongfully stripped of his badge after false allegations of picking up a hooker in his squad car, who now spends his time street racing and going up against his former officers to exact his revenge.


Edited by JeepXJFreak98
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The grey haired one looks awesome 9/10. You really nailed the wrinkles and such. For the rest, the facial contours are near perfect (just wondering if it'd look better if the nose was a little bit lower, but it looks good the way it is anyway). Same goes for the other guy, but I think grey hair fits him slightly better (close one, though)





Edited by tenpennyisplainevil
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9.5/10 would bang.




Holy sh*t, I've found Phoenix's twin.




As to the selfie above my post, she is super cute! :D 9/10!

Edited by IvI Ph03nix IvI
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I'm teetering between 7 and a 7.5, it would be a solid 7.5 but something about those lines on her cheeks bother me, but it might just be the angle of her head. She looks mischievous but those laugh lines look really out of place to me.



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