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Forum Reviews: Voting Round


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It has been a very long time coming, but it's finally time to get the ball rolling on this again and commence the voting round for the GTA V Forum Member Reviews that were submitted when GTA V was first released (NB: Deffpony has been rather busy lately, so I am taking the lead on this at his approval). These reviews have been submitted by forum members, and give a whole range of different viewpoints, thoughts and opinions on GTA V - some positive, others not so positive. This voting stage will run for the next two or so weeks - with the winner being determined by whoever has the most votes at the end of the voting period. The winning review, as determined by the forum members, will be published over at GTAV.Net.

This topic is purely for voting and discussion/feedback of the reviews listed below. If you wish to post your own thoughts on the game, then please use the "GTA V Forum Reviews: Poll/Discussion" topic (also linked at the bottom of this post).

Good luck!


The Finalists


In all, 11 finalists were chosen, and their reviews are listed below. The reviews are listed in order of which they were submitted. If you are wondering why your review isn't included below - it is probably because it didn't follow the specified format. Before voting, make sure to read each of the reviews from each of the finalists, which can be done by clicking the links below.


WARNING: If you haven't played the game yet or if you haven't yet finished the storyline, the contents of some of the below reviews may contain spoilers.

Note: Where possible, the reviews above may have been altered slightly to ensure they meet the format specified. The winning review may be altered slightly, mainly to fix any grammatical or spelling errors and so that they are in a format that is suitable for publishing. The integrity of the author's opinion in their review will remain intact.


Final Poll Results



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Five of the eleven reviews really stand out as accurate to me: Jums300's review, anthem's review, Jack0711's review, RhainbowGames' review, and JohnGazman's review.

While all captured my thoughts with their words, I think the most in depth review may be that of Jack0711. JohnGazman follows closely, with Jums300 and RhainbowGames tied for third. It's really close with these reviews, and I'm not 100% sure about my choice, but after over a half hour of mulling this over I chose Jack0711.

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for those who voted (the poll has been deleted, but I have added a screencap of the results in the first post) - the review with the most votes (Jack0711's review) will be published soon. :)


Edit: been published on the site.


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Honestly.. With all the crap Rockstar put us through with all the bugs, they shoulda let us keep the cash. I've heard many stories that Rockstar has been saying, that they're different than any other game companies, and that they're all about the fans. But with the cash packs that I see on the store, it just seems like an App from Apple. It's like all they want is Money from us. Personally, I think we should have been able to keep the cash or "Dirty" money as they call it, YES Get rid of the hackers, Get RID of the cheats that allow us to actually GET the money but Allow us to KEEP the cash we had! One person I read up on got 3 million bucks LEGIT! And they took it away! I don't even feel like playing it anymore. They've removed best ways to get rp, so now everyone's working like crazy to get at least a Little rp. It's RIDICULOUS! They're taking the fun out of the game. And I don't know how many people I've met that don't even wanna play anymore. But I guess as long as people play it, Rockstar makes money. Right? It's about profit. So this review on GTAV is going to go right over their head. They won't care. GTA 4 and under there were cheats like crazy. There's still hacks and mods on those games and you're not doing anything. But who cares Right? Just as long as you get your bloody money. All your other games were about player enjoyment. Now it's just about profit. I used to play every night. I haven't played it in 2 weeks. Because I'm fed up of the BS. And I guess if Rockstar doesn't acknowledge this message, It isn't even for the Players either. Never will be. Never again. You did say that there are some reviews that aren't good. LISTEN TO THEM. But no, of course you don't. You don't care! Oh well. You'll be losing players. Getting rid of money that some people ACTUALLY got legit. Those people you've lost Forever. That guy wants to actually throw out the game. Planning on selling it maybe. But even still. You don't care. I don't think I'll play another Rockstar game again...

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I don't agree with Jack's review but whatever.


gratz to him.

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It's funny how stoked people sounded before having played this game from start to finish and getting to experience it in it's fullest.


While I cannot arguee that this game didn't have pretty awesome graphics. There was a lot less to like about this game then previous GTA titles.


For someone who's been playing this game since day one release and has spent their more then fair share living it up on GTA Online. I wouldn't give this game more then a 6 out of a 10 rating.


Why? Too many problems and b.s. to list/get into. R* dropped the ball in a lot of ways with this title. And it certainly DID NOT live up to the hype. 'Nuff said!

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