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hey Link2012 what can i say about this mod its awesome i am still using it Thanks 


and i am here to request  if it's possible can you increase of limit special peds skin 100 to 300 skins in 1 modloader folder if i put more than 100 skins and try to spawn or change player (CJ) it crashing only special one not original peds thanks

  • KEKW 1

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Posted (edited)

Just sharing my experience using this mod. So to clarify this, I have a tons of mods installed in Mod Loader, almost half of all my mods are ignored using the "Ignore" option, most of them are maps mod, rest are just small/light mods, and I notice a problem that my PC suffers a huge lags. Just that I think, "Why my game lags soo much when all of my mods that I use is just doesn't take that much of a performance?". Just that I start to find a solution myself, and what I got is that : I simply remove all of my "ignored mods" out of modloader files, and suprisingly, my game runs smooth with no lags!


Correct me if I wrong, I think Mod Loader loads all mods inside the folder, even if it's ignored, if it is then it eats up most of your performance. Probably it's usage is just to enable/disable mods without closing the game.


In conclusion, if you have a game with hundreds mods and your game lags a bit, try to remove all of your ignored/useless mods inside modloader, mostly maps mod.

Edited by NoReplys

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This is weird. While scanning the directory, all directories to be ignored are skipped. They aren't passed forward to be loaded. Thanks for sharing anyway, I might investigate.


@Strs Use a limit adjuster instead.

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Assasins Cj

Hey @Link2012, this mod in awesome

But some times it crashes my game when I remove a mod . Example = I tried 'AVP Reborn 3.0' my game was laging (because of my pc not of modloader) so i removed it but after that my games started crashing at loading screen so i tried reinstalling the mod and it worked 

So I reinstalled modloader and all mods and game started but after sometime (increasing number of mods=decreasing time) it crashes

Please Help

Edited by Assasins Cj

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6 hours ago, Assasins Cj said:

increasing number of mods

Tried limit adjuster?

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Assasins Cj
13 hours ago, CharlesVercetti said:

Tried limit adjuster?




Reinstalling the game, scripts and mods worked

But author should fix it so commented here it has happened many times and reinstalling the game worked every time


One more problem, If I travel city to much (to unlock full map) modloader stop loading texture. retexture mod i am using is Rosa Project Reborn

Edited by Assasins Cj
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Cool bro! I can install Remastered CJ House without exiting game! 

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Add modloader for apk plz.

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