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About San Fierro Police Departement's headquarters


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Hey everyone !


I know that the police station from San Fierro can be accessed trough heaven, entering Ganton Gym, using jetpack, flying up then teleporting or flying to a warehouse at east beach (correct me if I'm wrong).


My question is : where can you find the San Fierro PD headquarters ? There were mentionned on the gta wiki and seen on some videos, but since I never really went to "heaven", I won't be able to locate the station)

My second question is : is there a mod for entering it from the outside ? Like the mod for the airport that teleports you directly to LC ?


Hope some of you could help me :)


PS : I find it a bit stupid : making the interior of the police headquarters, but not adding the yellow marker to enter it ... :/

Edited by Spadge007
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The Chain Game saves (see topic in Mission Help) have the SFPD interior implemented at the Dillimore PD, which is usually just a copy of the LSPD interior. I wouldn't be surprise if other mods included this interior as it's a pretty easy tweak, but I am not aware of any. The SFPD exterior is just north of the pair of bridges to LV and has the helipad used in Toreno's Last Flight. There's an underground impound lot there as well. IIRC, the main entrance, where the yellow marker should be, is shown during a cut-scene -- possibly 555 We Tip.

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Yup, I know the location.


I downloaded the chain game, but after I put the save on slot 2, and I tried to load it my game crashes after the loading screen ..


May it be because I i'm not on version 2.00 ? (I'm not sure, but on the main menu there isn't written 2.00, so probably it's the first version)

I also used a cheat on my own save (since I finished the storyline and wanted to mess around)


Also, the save which I downloaded is written in green, my own save is written in white.


Help ! :(

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These questions were answered in the CG lounge, but for anyone else who is interest...


You usually need v2 scripts to run Chain Game saves, but there is an independent play save available for v1. If you need a v1 save then let me know. I've got a copy here but can't find the permanent link. Check the Chain Game topic for links to v1 and v2 scripts.


The save name is green because I edited the name with GTA color codes (~g~). Thanks for noticing.


BTW, the health pickup in the SFPD interior is added to the CG saves and is not normally available in that interior.

Edited by OrionSR
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