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GTA style artwork(s)

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Hi. Just wanna drop a comment which probably would help.


After i see your drawings, I assume you're trying to follow GTAIV and V artwork style. Am I right? I'm also interested in IV and V style for the incredible detail, contrast, and value. So, let me comment your drawings.


The 3rd version of that Lollipop girl really reminds me of GTA Chinatown Wars in-game cutscene style - which is cel shading. Cel Shading is 3d rendering style which usually have outlines and flat-looking result - just like 2d cartoon. Well, while your 3rd version isn't 100% looking like one, but that blocky silhouette, shading style, and bold outlines mixed with soft shading on the skin makes it look like one.


In 4th version, you came back to 'painting' style. However, you have so many blurs here and there. You need to shade it darker and more daring, just like in IV/V. Talking about shadow, IV/V style usually always have shadows in the middle. Which basically means there are two light sources coming from sides towards the model. The only difference is the outline. I personally like IV artwork better than V.


Last but not least, the finger proportion. I know it's hard. After all these years, I still find myself struggling in it XD.


Keep trying. Good luck.

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I really don't feel good if I just give tips to people without showing at least rough example of what I mean.


I know this still look like sh*t, but I hope this can support my tips above. Below is my (rough) edit of your 4th update. Btw, I didn't bother to redraw the hand. I told you I'm bad at it and I don't want to spend too long on that XD. Hope this can help you to improve. :)


This work is originally yours. No copyright infringement intended.







Edited by luisniko
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My equipment:

- Wacom Tablet A5

- Sai Easy Paint Tool (software)


The only thing I'm lacking is brush texture like you have, but I get used without it. Brush settings are customized by me though.


I don't know what software you use, but I suggest you to use either this SAI software (very light but good) or Corel Painter. SAI is cheaper and, well, fulfills all you need. If you don't rely on generated effects like in Photoshop, you can use SAI.

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Im using only lasso tool + filling + blur (photoshop). I dont have Tablet yet. Thats why my drawings are not too good (yet :p )

Edited by Masny
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Im using only lasso tool + filling + blur (photoshop). I dont have Tablet yet. Thats why my drawings are not too good (yet :p )


If you really like to draw, I suggest you to buy one. Just get the small one like mine.


Or if you're tight on money, just keep drawing on paper or maybe try painting on a small canvas. :)

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  • 3 weeks later...

Lordy damn this is looking good. Keep it up and stuff!

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I photoshopped Sam chasing after Frodo into your picture. I probably should have gone with something gta themed but i find this strangely works.bKfgFuX.jpg

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