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GTA style artwork(s)

Recommended Posts

Hi everyone!

Here is some artworks made by me, enjoy!

1. "Fictional Freedom" (inspired by http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/0/04/DebutSeagulls.jpg )

2. "Lollipop Girl v1" ( inspired by http://www.pcgames.de/screenshots/970x546/2008/12/gta4_pcgames002.jpg )

3. "The Triangle Club Poster"
4. "Lollipop Girl v2" ( inspired by http://www.pcgames.de/screenshots/970x546/2008/12/gta4_pcgames002.jpg )

5. "A Girl's Best Friends a.k.a Money Honey"

6. "Lollipop Girl v3" ( inspired by http://www.pcgames.de/screenshots/970x546/2008/12/gta4_pcgames002.jpg )

7. "Lollipop Girl v4" ( inspired by http://www.pcgames.de/screenshots/970x546/2008/12/gta4_pcgames002.jpg )


8. "A little bit of freedom"



Edited by Masny
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So far not so good

I don't know what you've been looking at - These are amazing! Very well done Masny, keep up the good work :^:

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To be honest, I don't think they look too 'GTA-ish', but are well done nonetheless :^:

I see what you mean and sort of agree with you but I feel the bottom one would fit perfectly with a Vice City styled game (if you get my gist)

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GTAKid667 - I'm not good enough; I always wanted to do something like GTA IV&GTA V artworks but i don't have skills :< But anyway, thanks for kind words!

RoadRunner71 - Yeah, I know it is not "perfectly fit" in GTA style, but in some way it resembles GTA (Fat outlines etc). "The lollipop girl" is mix between GTA VC, SA and IV style; Fictional Freedom - VC/VCS; and finally - "The Triangle Club Poster" - I tried to do it in GTA IV style, but I think I failed a bit :/

"The Triangle Club Poster"

Edited by Masny
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Well, thinking you are not good enough is the wrong way to go, you'll improve as you complete more artworks, they look really good already! And it's not just me that thinks that, RoadRunner71 and GunWrath seem to like them as well :^:


"The lollipop girl" is mix between GTA VC, SA and IV style

Now that you mention it, I can see the SA side of the artwork :^:

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Today is New Year's Eve and I'm sick. Bad luck : <

GunWrath - Thanks! But the bad thing is that the legs look a bit plastic ;/

GTAKid667 - Yeah, but i do my best to this artworks looks as good as possible, but always is something; something that I don't know how to do ;( Fortunately, this is not discourages me. On the contrary! And, as always - Thanks for comment and kind words : )

Happy new year, guys!

I don't like to waste time on stupid disease so I made something. Do not take it too seriously because I have a fever so i don't know what i'm doing ;)

"Welcome back to Vice City"
*removed because it was a crap*

Edited by Masny
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Legs really don't look that plastic.. though the light shading on them could of been better.. but you've done a better job than I probably could have.. I've never tried such a poster. Keep up the good work.. the more you do, the better you get.

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Nice work! Thanks for sharing.

Edited by Graven
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Hahaha , so many new replies, I had a lot of fun reading them ;)
I edited the last one because the nose looked like an onion.Still not the best piece of work, but I think is better then was before editing:

Edited by Masny
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  • 4 weeks later...

Hello again!
I didn't do anything new yet, but I want to show you guys my (old) remake of orginal Vice City artworks. Enjoy : )
M1h2eeml.pngQxHNIN1l.jpg OU4TyTPl.jpg

Edited by Masny
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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 1 month later...

Much better than before :^: although maybe lighten the hair a tad bit, it looks too dark IMO but otherwise it looks great!

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Thank you! Yes, hair will be fixed in future version : )
I will :)
But - Animate? I don't quite get what you are trying to ask ;/

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Good job :^: Have a few criticisms though. Although it looks very detailed right now it doesn't really remind me of gta art, I would say bring back the black outlines and I would lean towards version 3's hair but with allot more strands also I think you should add more definition to the nose area, right now it's looking kind of flat.


Other than that looking good

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  • 2 weeks later...

Yes, I know it doesn't look like GTA Art anymore, but it was a just a test, like "can I do that?".

Thanks for posting! :)

Edited by Masny
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This is one of my Wallpaper made by me, i hope you'll like it guys, it's not a Artwork. but something related to GTA. :)



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  • 2 months later...

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